How To Perform a Bridal Waltz

Women as well as men dream of getting married someday. Unlike cooking, marriage isn’t a complicated thing. It is an allegiance to the world of two people’s love for each other. The long road must end in a wedding but it is only the beginning of a hopefully romantic itinerary.

A wedding need not be extravagant to be special because the knotting of two people in front of God is already sacred. The wedding list includes guests, great food, wine, as well as the couple’s symbolic bridal waltz. There are shy and showy couples but no matter what, this first dance is sweet and it sets the reception’s ambience.

The Waltz

The waltz, the traditional first dance of a couple in the wedding reception, is considered the grandfather of all dances. The waltz is a status of culture and sophistication.

Dance steps that make long graceful movements characterize the waltz. The woman follows the man. The couple needs to learn the essential movements and their rhythm must be synchronized.


The couple must select a music that they love so there’s a sweet fire in their bodies and steps. The music must be carefully selected. That way, this music will serve as the memory frame of their first dance as a couple. If possible, the couple must discuss every decision for the wedding, even when it comes to waltz music.

Woman and Man’s Step

Two footsteps is the distance of all steps. The man must begin by stepping his left foot forward, then he must move his right foot to his right side. After that the left foot to the side, now the left and right foot are together. Then the right foot must be step backward, and step back the left foot before stepping it to the left side. Basically the steps are front, side, together, back, side, and together. These are just six simple steps for a man to study, and it is easy to master because the moves are repetitive.

The woman will just serve as a mirror to the movement of his partner. Their movements must be in sync so the fluidity, grace, and elegance will emanate and amaze the observers on the dance floor.

Hand and Arm Placement

The movement of the couple on the dance floor is counterclockwise. The right hand of the woman must be held by the man’s left hand. The arms of the man must be firm but not taut so the man can lead the woman throughout the dance. The other arm must be behind the back of the partner. Arms must be relaxed but not supple.


Practice dancing before the wedding to release the tension of the actual first awaited dance. Don’t think that it will lose romantic tinges. Everything is in the perception. Practice waltz, you may want to think that every dance with your partner might be your last dance so you’ll have a heightened state of enthusiasm.

The waltz is a closed position so the intensity and the romance cannot be hidden, as long as two people who are in love dance together, there is this certain kind of electricity between them.

The waltz or the first dance is just the beginning of a dream of an evergreen conjugal relationship. It may be simple, but dancing with harmony is symbolic for the new couple.


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