How To Pick a Vase for a Wedding Centerpiece

As if you’re not already stressed enough with all the wedding preparations, you still have to think of the wedding centerpiece and pick the perfect kind of vase to hold it. But actually, this seemingly minute aspect also contributes to the overall beauty and elegance of your wedding reception décor. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think it is. Just follow these pointers to help you get started on picking a vase for a wedding centerpiece. 

  1. Choose your flowers first. The kind of vase you will use for your wedding centerpiece depends entirely on the kind of flowers you choose to adorn your wedding tables. If you choose long-stemmed flowers, you should definitely use slender, long-necked vases like an Eiffel tower vase. Whereas for short-stemmed flowers, choose a small or medium-sized vase. For big bouquets of flowers, choose a vase with a wide opening, like those of a trumpet vase. Remember that before you buy or choose the vases for your centerpiece, you should have decided on the flowers you want to use first.
  2. Check the height of the centerpiece and the size of the tables. If you can’t quite make up your mind yet on what kind of vase to use, you should consider the height of your centerpiece and the size of your tables. Make sure that the centerpiece is not too tall that it blocks the view of the guests seated around the table. Also see to it that the centerpiece doesn’t take too much room. There should be enough space separating it from the dining ware. If you’re using large, round tables, then any size or type of vase will do. However, if your tables are long and rectangular, you will need two to four vases. It depends on how many can vases can cover the length of the table, including even spaces applied in between vases.
  3. Pick a color of the vase that complements the color of your flowers. Transparent or clear ones are the best since they can go with all kinds of colors—bright or dark, mixed or uniform. If the colors of your flowers are neutral or very light, you can consider vases with simple patterns or blend of colors. Other kinds of tinted vases must match well with the color motif of your flowers. White flowers go well with any kind of vase—whether its clear, tinted, or patterned.
  4. To bring more life to your centerpiece, add extra decorative elements. If you think your centerpiece looks too simple, boring, or lacks a bit of personality and life, be as creative as you can and add extra decorative elements like colored marbles or assorted stones. Just remember not to add too much or you’ll overwhelm the overall beautiful and elegant effect you’re going for. In decorating, the philosophy of simple but elegant can take you a long way.

Choosing a vase for your wedding centerpiece is one of those things you have to tackle when you’re planning a wedding. Even if you might think of it as one of the less important aspects, do not overlook it nor decide hastily. Just follow these pointers and make sure you’ve already decided on which flowers to use to make your search for the perfect vase much easier.


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