How To Pick Items for a Wedding Registry

Setting up a wedding registry is the common trend nowadays for soon to wed couples. This method allows couples to select the gifts they want to receive on their wedding day. It is also a way of avoiding duplication of gifts or receiving gifts that are not needed by the couple. If this is beneficial for the couple, it is also advantageous for the gift-givers for they (guests) will not need to wrack their heads in deciding what appropriate gifts to give for the wedding.

Here are some tips on how to pick items for a wedding registry:

  1. Look for stores where your preferred gifts are available. If possible, choose ones that offer good discounts to make the items, especially the more pricey ones, more affordable for the gift givers. Be sure though, to select varying articles in every store to avoid duplication.
  2. Pick stores that are near the area of residence of your guests. If you have guests coming from another city or state, you should opt for stores that operate nationwide or which have local branches in cities where your guests reside. In case your guests come from random places all over the country, it is best that you choose an online wedding registry to provide a wider and easier access for your guests in any part of the country or even overseas.
  3. Make sure the items you pick for your wedding registry come in different price ranges. This is to make sure your guests have a choice on what gift to buy for your wedding according to their budget. Also, close friends, sponsors, family and relatives tend to purchase more expensive gifts, so having variously priced items in the registry will help them decide more easily.
  4. Incorporate the details of your choices of stores for your wedding registry in your wedding invitations. You may do as many couples do by putting up your own wedding website in which information about your wedding plans is included. You may add in the website a sneak peek of your future plans as a married couple. In what state or city are you going to settle down and build a family? Do you prefer to have a baby soon, or do you wish to stay childless yet for a time? You should give a hint about such things in your wedding website because your guests’ decisions as to what wedding present to buy may depend on these circumstances.
  5. Give a clear indication to your guests if you are planning to settle overseas. If this is the case, bulky gifts will be of little use as transporting them overseas will cost you a lot. You can actually specify this in your website or in the wedding invitation itself. Drop a hint that cash gifts or small-sized items are preferred instead of massive home appliances. This pronouncement, however, should be done in good taste.

Picking items for your wedding registry can be quite laborious especially because you need to take care that there is no duplication of gifts. One way of doing this job easier is by drawing a master list of all the stores and items for the registry. Double check the list before finally endorsing the registry to each store you have picked. With careful planning, your wedding registry will certainly help in making your wedding more organized and hassle-free. Then all you need to do is enjoy the moment as you exchange I do’s with your special someone.


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