How To Plan a Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is one way to celebrate a man’s last days as a bachelor. This party is attended by all the male friends and relatives of the groom. Bachelor parties have different themes, depending on the preferences of the groom. Some guys prefer to have very wild bachelor parties while others just want to relax with a few close friends and maybe have a poker game. Either way, the smart thing to do is to plan beforehand so that you can be ready with all the things that you need for the party.

  • Planning. A groom planning his own bachelor party is a rare occurrence. Usually, this job is left to the best man. Ask the groom what type of party he wants. This will give you a good idea on how to start planning for the party. You can either go with a quiet, friendly party or a wild-night-on-the-town party.
  • Invites. You should consult the groom before sending out invitations to the bachelor party. Make a list of all the people who you are planning to invite so you won’t forget anyone - or accidentally invite someone's boss!
  • Theme. Most bachelor parties have themes. This is to set the mood of the party. You can consult the groom on some party ideas but try to leave out any details so that most of what happens is a surprise. You can use the theme to help choose decorations for the party's venue and can also incorporate the theme into the invitations and into the food or activities.
  • Games. One of the best things to do in bachelor parties is play games with your friends. You can look for games that are specially made for bachelor parties. You can also play popular drinking games or card games to add to the fun.
  • Resources. Bachelor parties can be expensive if you don't know of any good local party resources. To save money, think of ways that you can throw this party with minimal expense. You can use someone’s house as a venue, make your own invitations instead of having them printed, use decorations that are already lying around the house - maybe you can even do a potluck to save money on food.
  • Happy and Fun Environment. No matter how big or small your bachelor party may be, the main concern is to keep everyone happy. This is an event that serves as a bachelor graduation party for the groom, and celebrates his last chance to go wild before he becomes a married man. 

These are some of the tips that you can use to help you plan a bachelor party. Do not forget to buy bachelor party-themed gifts for the groom to open during the party. A few days before the party, make sure that everything you need is prepared so that you won't have to worry about playing catch up when the day of the party comes.  After all, you planned this shindig - you want to be able to enjoy it, too!


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