How To Plan a Dress Fitting for Your Bridesmaids

The engagement party was a blast and you are now starting to launch the planning stage of your wedding. Your entourage has been finalized with your sisters and closest friends giddy at the anticipation of fitting their bridesmaid clothes, not minding the $200 price tag on clothes and shoes. Where love is concerned, money is no object and they are truly happy for you and can’t wait to be fitted with their gowns.

Before going into planning a date for the bridesmaids dress fitting, consider the following first.

  • Their dress sizes. Have your bridesmaids write these down. This is important when you are picking something that is ready-to-wear and if the store stocks all the sizes listed.
  • Body issues. Your bridesmaids may want to dress conservatively hiding big arms or stocky legs. Consider that not every member of the female specie can be a Giselle. Talk to each of your bridesmaid to address any body issue they would like to hide and agree on a design/style/cut/length/color that will satisfy everyone.
  • Alterations. Bridesmaids are much abused for the fact they are forced to wear something all for the love of the bride - that means you. That “something” alludes to the dress that’s worn by everyone else in the entourage. Now of course the color and fabric must look the same and follow the same pattern since this is tradition but break away a bit by allowing your bridesmaids the freedom to alter one minor detail - the sleeve.
  • Comfort. Make sure that whatever season it is you have chosen to get married that the bridesmaids’ gowns are comfortable to wear. Summer equals heat and winter equals cold. No further explanation needed.

Now that that’s clear, here’s how you can plan your dress fitting for your bridesmaids.

  1. There are four main wedding stores to consider and then some. The top tier stores when it comes to affordability and expertise are Alfredo Angelo, Mori Lee, David’s Bridal, and Eden Bridals. These are followed by Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Macy’s. Choose the best that will fit your budget, requirement, and location.
  2. Visit the wedding stores and make your intentions known. Once you’ve chosen your wedding shop, drop by for a visit, and check out the merchandise. The store that wins your favor must have more than the usual variety of fabrics, designs, stocks, colors, accessories, embroidery, and embellishment. Talk to the proprietor and the designer. Feel free to walk through the store and take a look at the dresses. Ask if you can call to make an appointment anytime during the week for your bridesmaids’ fitting. Get a calling card.
  3. Get your crew of bridesmaids together and tell them when you’d like the fitting to take place. Choose a weekday if you can all agree on it. Weekdays afford you the time and space you need to fit the clothes because weekends at the wedding store are often packed to the nines. This is going to be a stretch though but gun for it just the same say, Friday shortly after lunch perhaps? Once you are all in agreement about the schedule, call your wedding store and reserve the time and date.
  4. Plan something after the fitting. Inject something to do with your bridesmaids after the fitting is done. Go for coffee and cake, dinner and a movie, or just chill over champagne and cheese at home.

Make your bridesmaids fitting an event to remember by taking pictures and creating a mini album out of it. This gesture from you will make them love you more.


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