How To Plan a Pirate Wedding

Having a pirate theme for your wedding will surely make your biggest day memorable, fun and exciting as well as cheaper than a traditional wedding. A pirate wedding can be intriguing, romantic, and sexy. There are plenty of costumes and props that you can use to make your pirate wedding truly unique. Below are some suggestions.

  1. Find the perfect location. A pirate wedding should be celebrated in or near the water. Consider looking for a river with a great view, hire a big boat, or have your wedding ceremonies aboard a yacht decorated to look like a pirate ship.
  2. Prepare invitations that go with the pirate theme. Use thick parchment or handmade paper or specialty paper that resembles soft leather for your invitations. Have it printed with pirate icons and symbols or use something that resembles a treasure map. Make sure that all invitations include the instructions for them to come in pirate costume.
  3. Prepare additional pirate accessories that you can hand out to guests such as plastic daggers and swords, eye patches, bandannas, black cummerbunds, fake pirate rings and necklaces.
  4. Your gown can be in ivory, in the traditional medieval or renaissance period with cinched waist and dropped shoulders, with several layers of cloth and flounces with a bit of raggedness. The bridal party should also be dressed as such, in a lesser degree. The groom can elect to wear a pirate captain’s hat and the groomsmen can all wear eye patches.
  5. If this is going to be a river or beach wedding, depending on the number of guests that you are expecting, it will be better to hold the wedding ceremony after dark to take full advantage of the pirate theme. Surround the area with garden tiki torches with a Jolly Roger flag marking where the actual ceremony spot will be. Look for antique brass candleholders and plenty of candles to provide most of the lighting. Discreet artificial light should supplement it and provide constant illumination. Use antique trunks as treasure chests to hold the wedding gifts
  6. Order a custom made cake with a pirate groom and a kidnapped girl bride or a wench as wedding cake toppers. Special pirate themed wedding favors should also be prepared, such as specially made pirate bandannas, pirate skull rings and small treasure chests, gold coins, and gold earrings.
  7. The food should also use a pirate theme. Choose a Caribbean, a Mediterranean or tropical barbecue menu to reflect the pirate theme. Have plenty of roast meats and finger foods as well as fresh fruits. Choose to serve exotic fruits for the occasion such as pineapples, bananas, passion fruits, mandarin oranges, lychees and longans and pomegranates. Fruit wines are also ideal drinks as well as fruit punches.
  8. Food servers, ushers and usherettes can be made to wear black bandannas tied at a rakish angle around their necks instead of a bowtie.

Search for more information on the internet. You can find a host of sites for wedding vendors and wedding planners who specialize in themed weddings. Browse around their sites to gather ideas and inspirations to make your own pirate wedding as unique and as memorable as you can make it.


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