How To Plan a Romantic Weekend

You want to take your significant other on a romantic weekend, but are unsure how to begin putting the whole plan together. You can make this time into a memory that you both will cherish, if you start with the tips below.

  1. First of all, consider the budget that you can spend on your getaway. Ask yourself how much you can spend on the hotel, eating out, entertainment, and gas. This is not the most romantic place to start, but it is better to know your boundaries before you start picking places that are well out of your budget. To save, look on websites that offer deals on hotels and rental cars, which can put money back into your pocket.
  2. Secondly, what kind of interests do you and your partner have? Is there a certain kind of place you both would enjoy? If you are looking for a peaceful, less traveled place, carefully check into the surrounding area of your intended destination. Some areas attract tourists at certain times of the year, and your peaceful plans could become crowded if you are unaware of the area's tourist seasons. Also, there are places that cater specifically to certain interests. If you both love to ride horses, there are ranches where you can stay and ride the whole weekend with everything provided. If you are the outdoors type, a nice cabin at a state or national park allows you access to nature in a protected area, and these are often very reasonable.
  3. Third, pop a special surprise into your weekend for your partner. Pick something special that they love and that is tied to the place you are going, such as a special restaurant, activity, or gift. This will really show your love, and it doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, just something that is unique to you both.

Plan also to take your camera and get pictures of your time. This small thing is really a big part of making memories, and will mean much down the road when you are looking back. Many overlook this small step, but it really preserves those small, special moments.

If you plan ahead of time by knowing your budget and interests, by and shopping around, your weekend will be a success. This is amplified with pictures and a small surprise for your loved one. In the end, you will have planned a wonderful, romantic weekend that you both will cherish long after it is over.


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