How To Plan a Shopping Theme Bridal Party

Having a bridal party is one of the most fun parties any woman can go to, as it is a celebration of an upcoming happy change in a woman’s life. To make things more special, you could have the bridal party planned around a theme that everybody will enjoy. And what woman doesn’t enjoy shopping? Here are some ideas to help you plan a shopping theme bridal party. 

1.    Think about what you’d want your shopping theme bridal party to be. Saying that you’re having a shopping theme for your bridal party may raise a few eyebrows. What exactly does this mean? Well, that’s the first question you should start your planning with. A shopping theme bridal party could mean exactly what it says: the friends of the bride and the bride will go on a shopping spree for items that she will use for her honeymoon or married life. This means that nobody has to bring in gifts, but they will all go out to hunt for the perfect gift – with the recipient herself.

There are other ways that you could celebrate a shopping theme bridal party. It could mean having shopping games such as having your own version of “The Price is Right”. Another idea could be having the guests bring in their favorite, slightly-used items that they will then sell to the other guests. It could be done auction-style, for more action and entertainment.

The point is, you’d definitely have to determine how you’d want the party to follow the shopping theme before you can plan the program.

2.    Send out shopping-themed invitations. It’s important that you brief your guests about the party’s shopping theme so they’d be able to bring whatever is necessary for the party. If you decided on the guests bringing in their favorite stuff to sell, for example, then you’d want to let them know of this at least 2 weeks before the event.

To help the guests be prepped for the theme, send out shopping-themed invitations. You could design it yourself, using shopping designs and icons such as designer handbags, shoes.. you get the picture.

3.    Watch shopping-themed movies and shows. Prepare some DVDs of movies and shows that have scream of shopping and fashion fun. Some shows to consider include Pretty Woman, Sex and the City shows, and of course, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

4.    Remember to still be practical. Yep, nowadays it’s all about practicality, even if you’re talking about shopping just as a theme for a bridal party.  Why not have a part in the program where you’re exchanging tips on how to shop on a budget, or where you could discuss the best places to shop for specific items. These tips will certainly help the bride-to-be manage her future household better.

There  you have it! These are just some handy tips to help you plan a shopping theme bridal party. This will certainly be a hit for every shopping aficionado. Have fun, and good luck!


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