How To Plan a Shotgun Wedding

Planning a shotgun wedding connotes something that isn’t essentially good and well thought out, after all it’s called a shotgun wedding in alluding to the fact that someone is being held at gunpoint to walk down the aisle. Lucky for you things have really changed about how couples are perceived when a wedding is rushed. Today, people simply think that both of you are so into each other that you can’t wait to be married. This, and the fact that you might be expecting. That being said, you can put the shotgun away or risk some serious jail time for possession of a deadly weapon.

Here’s how to plan a shotgun wedding.

  1. Sit down with your fiancé. You have to speak to him and tell him that after last night’s wedding proposal over dinner (which you freely and happily agreed to) that you don’t want to wait too long to get to the altar.
  2. Seek the blessing of your parents. You may be an adult but you are still under your parents’ guardianship. Seek their counsel and blessing before forging ahead with your marriage plans. If they refuse and give reasons to support their decision, you have to think about these reasons through as mature adults, meaning, if the refusal is within reason and if they mean well. Continue to seek dialogue with your parents to turn their NO into a YES. Sometimes though, a heads up to your parents will suffice. Just don’t surprise them with a wedding photo.
  3. Plan the date. It could be in week or a couple of weeks time depending on your availability (taking time off from work) and your family’s schedule to attend and witness the wedding.
  4. Secure a marriage license. You have to read up on the marriage laws governing the state you live in. Some states require a waiting period before granting a marriage license. If you and your fiancé want to get married without waiting for it, head on out to Las Vegas but it’s not really an advisable prospect and won’t be as memorable. Remember, many couples went for a Las Vegas wedding only to bicker about the lack of romance it presented after sobering up. Do not fall into the same quickie trap.
  5. Reserve your date at the courthouse. After securing your marriage license, talk to the clerk of court about an opening for a courthouse marriage ceremony with a presiding judge.
  6. Choose your witnesses. You are allowed two people to stand as your witnesses. Decide on who these people will be.
  7. Buy the wedding rings. If you planned a shotgun wedding as your prelude to a grand one later on, then you can buy very simple but elegant wedding rings for your date at the courthouse.
  8. Go shopping for wedding clothes. Since this a rush wedding, you can buy something off the rack from a department store or a wedding store. Pick something conservative, formal, and elegant. Pair it with a hat styled ala-Jackie O or Princess Diana to complete the look.
  9. Use one car to bring you to the courthouse. You would not want your fiancé to get cold feet, won’t you? Designate him as your driver, take the passenger seat beside him with both your parents in the backseat, and drive directly to the courthouse.

Oh, don’t forget to buy your bouquet, too!


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