How To Plan a Simple Inexpensive Wedding

A wedding is a happy occasion, but sometimes the cost of holding it is so much that the happiness is just replaced by anxieties! Avoid this kind of feeling and make your wedding as simple, inexpensive, light and worry-free as possible. Here are some tips: 

Limit the number of guests. This must be one of the first things you need to do have a limited budget for your wedding. Consider having a very small, intimate wedding and reception with at most 40 of your closest friends and family members. This will just make your wedding that much more meaningful.

Use second-hand as much as possible. Forget about buying designer wedding gowns. Think about it – why will you shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a dress you’d wear just once in your life? Look for inexpensive gowns at chain bridal stores, or second-hand shops; you can also consider renting bridal gowns. Research on ways how to clean second-hand bridal gowns. Or here’s another idea: why not have a non-traditional wedding? That way it’d be perfectly okay for you to wear an evening gown or even a cocktail dress.

Use wedding items that are in season. This tip applies best to the bridal bouquets that you’d be using. Consult with a florist about the flowers in season during your wedding; they’d certainly be cheaper since they’re more readily available. And here’s a tip that you could apply to virtually all your purchases for any occasion – ask if they can give you a discount. It really doesn’t hurt to ask.

Consider not having a reception. It’s the norm to be practical nowadays. Consider having the wedding, and then going off in a bridal car to your honeymoon right after the march going out the church. This works well specially if you’ve only invited a few close friends and family members – they’d be sincerely happy for you even if they’re not going to be fed after.

Okay, if you really must have a reception, here’s the best tip you should take in mind: never be shy about discussing your budget. Any smart business will welcome business opportunities, so they will only be too happy to try to accommodate you. Find out the best hours to have your reception (usually breakfast or brunch) and if they have value packages for wedding menus.

Print your own invites. With so much tools and applications readily available in PC’s, you’d certainly be capable of designing and printing your own invites. If you feel that you’re not particularly gifted in art, you may ask an artistic friend to design your invite for you – and that will be her wedding present for you. Which brings us to the next tip….

Enlist all your friends’ help. Your friends will be very happy to contribute their talents towards making your wedding day successful. Consider your friends’ talents and tap into these for the different areas of your wedding. For example, which of your friends takes great photos? And who has the best camera (even just the point-and-shoot kind)? Once you have this determined, you won’t have to hire a professional photographer for your wedding. You could also just ask somebody to have a camcorder to record the video of your wedding. Promise them that this will serve as their wedding gift to you.

Remember this: your wedding is just a one-day ceremony, what you should really prepare for is the marriage itself. Be sure to reconcile yourself first that your happiness as a couple will never be determined by how big and lavish your wedding is, and you’d find it easier to have a simple and inexpensive wedding. Good luck!


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