How To Plan a Small Wedding

It’s the trend nowadays to keep a wedding small and private – heck, even international celebrities manage to pull it off! So if you yourself feel that a small wedding is best for you, here are some tips to help you out:

Consider how many you’d invite and be resolute about sticking to this number. Sit down with your spouse-to-be and plan with him or her how many guests you will both want to invite to your wedding. A good number is around 20 each. Remember, if you really want to have a small wedding then a bit of sacrifice and a lot of decision-making will have to happen. And here’s another thing: usually the first few people you remember to invite will be the ones who you truly want to share your wedding with you. Don’t think about who else were forgotten – if you remember some more people after a few days don’t include them anymore. Just make it up to them somehow (see number 2).

Consider having a casual post-wedding party for those you don’t invite to the actual wedding. This is for the people who didn’t make it to your final list of invitees but who are special to you nonetheless. Hold a casual party, such as a barbeque at your backyard or a picnic at a park, where everybody could celebrate your first few days or weeks of married life. You could also have a slideshow presentation of some of the highlights of your wedding.

Consult with the caterers about their wedding reception packages. To help you get an idea as to how many people to invite, you could consult first with the caterers as to what their minimum number of guests is for a specific wedding package. Say you decided on inviting 40 people, but it turns out that their wedding package is good for 50. This means you’re free to include 10 more people – lucky them!

Set up a website where you could share your wedding photos with everybody. So that nobody will feel that they missed out, you could post your wedding pictures at a website or even just at your Facebook account. Be sure to respond to congratulations messages and don’t make a big deal out of not being able to invite everybody. Just title your album with something like, “Pictures of our wedding day – thank you for your prayers!”

Consider keeping the wedding a secret first. Truly jump into the celebrity bandwagon and keep the wedding to yourselves first. This way people close to you (and who didn’t get invited to the wedding) will be more overtaken by surprise that you got married rather than remorse that they didn’t get invited. Then hold a casual party (see number 2) to help everybody be updated about the events that led to the wedding – his proposal, when you decided to have the wedding, etc.

There you have it! These are just some of the easy ways to plan and successfully hold a small wedding. Remember: resolve is key! Good luck! 


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