How To Plan a Speed Dating Event

Some people want to find their perfect lifetime partner the easiest way. No need to hang out at some bar or wait for that prince charming or princess to come along. Speed dating is one way to meet people. It is a fun dating service that you can organize. You can play the match maker for these single people. But in order to stage a successful speed dating event, there are some points you need to remember:

  1. Before hitting the streets to promote and market your speed dating event, be sure to organize the basic first. Choose a good location for your venue. A good location should be an area that is mostly near big populated cities or commercial centers. You should choose the venue where it is accessible by public transport as well as private transport. Be sure the parking spaces are adequate for the number of people you are targeting. It will take careful deciding to finally pinpoint the perfect location for the event.
  2. Plan a date and time for the event. Your schedule should be fixed alongside your renting of a place. When you get out to the public to promote, it will take a lot of hassle if you keep changing your date or your time. Some people may not see your changes and end up going to the announced place at the wrong time. So be sure your date and time for the speed dating is locked on schedule.
  3. Set your rules. Do not get into the event without drafting a set of rules. Rules should include the procedure of the event, how many minutes the speed dating should take place or what questions they can ask to protect your clients from harassment issues.
  4. After your schedule and venue are locked, it is time to promote your event. Nowadays communication tools are readily available to use. There are lots of ways to promote your event. You can enlist the help of social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to create an events page and invite people to RSVP. You can publish it in a local newspaper or an events magazine to spread the word. The primitive way of spreading the event is through printed flyers and distributing it to people in crowded places. If you are planning to control the ratio of male and females, you can print out invitations to certain number of individuals you think are eligible to attend. Set a number of participants. Do not try to take in too many participants that you cannot handle.
  5. Once you get the speed dating started, you need to do good pair ups for the group. Think of the compatibility factors of each individual that has responded to your event. Skim through their resumes and pick a perfect person for each one of them. Do not pair people up basing on their physical aspects. Do, however, pair them up for ore lifetime compatibility like hobbies and interests.
  6. Finally, always thank the participants after the speed dating event. Keep their contacts for further reference and to update yourself if they had successful pair ups which you can use as a marketing tool to attract more prospective singles.

Pull off a successful event and you will have people thanking you for inviting them. Either they get the partner of their life or not, a successful speed dating event is both fun and interesting.


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