How To Plan a Spring Wedding

You're engaged, now what?  You have a wonderful task ahead of you; planning a wedding.  You can plan as extravagantly as you want, or as simply as you wish.  Many experts feel you have to plan at least a year in advance.  This simply isn't true, especially if you're planning a spring wedding.  The spring months of March, April and May are some of the least busy of the year for wedding vendors.  Often six months in advance is plenty of time to plan an excellent, fun-filled wedding.

First, and usually the hardest, decision is where to have your wedding.  Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but remember these can be the rainiest months of the year.  If you choose an outdoor location, please plan for your event to be covered.  Renting a professional tent is well worth the money, not to mention how it can be a very beautiful location for the wedding and reception.  Of course, the traditional option is to have your ceremony at a place of worship.

The second hardest decision is the location of the reception.  Popular reception halls or hotels are easier to get in the spring season versus summer or fall.  As mentioned above you can always rent a tent and all the extras and customize it to your needs.  All you need is a yard big enough to hold a 40 x 100 foot wide tent and you are set.

Usually the next decision made is flowers.  Spring offers an abundant array of flowers at a conservative price.  Tulips, lily of the valley, peonies, daffodils, hyacinth and sweet peas are all wonderful flowers for arrangements, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and bouquets.  If you buy flowers that are in season, you will save on the overall cost of arrangements.

In the natural progression of planning, you may want to buy your wedding dress next.  This can often take a long amount of time.  Many brides go from shop to shop, and town to town trying to find the perfect dress.  Take the consultants up on helping you decide.  They have been in the business a long time and are trained to find the dresses that fit certain body types.  You may want a strapless dress, but may look better in one with a cap sleeve or A-line fit.  If you have to special order your dress instead of buying it off the rack, leave at least three months for the arrival of your beautiful dress.

These are the major decisions you'll have.  Photographers, wedding favors, menu selection, invitations, and more will all come later.  You can take more time on these, because they aren't immediate concerns.  The biggest key is to relax.  People get married every day, and the show will go on, whether the event is perfect or not.


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