How To Plan a Stag and Doe Party

Stag and doe parties are different from bridal showers or stag parties. The main difference here is these events sell tickets to raise funds for the actual wedding event. Stag and doe events are usually private and are held by the closest family, friends and acquaintances. You can run a successful stag and doe party! Just remember some basic considerations:

  1. First thing you should consider is to keep the total cost of the party as low as possible while making the event still worth to pay tickets for. The last thing you want to hear from your guests is complaining about poor ventilation, lighting, music and most of all, food. So instead of getting lavish catering, go for your local caterer and prepare your own menu. You should dictate your caterer on what menu you desire to serve so he will not invent his own menu that you might regret later.
  2. Some organizers of stag and doe parties often rent a hotel suite or hall for their event. If you want to save more on costs, rent a hall or ask a friend if they have a big apartment or room that you can rent for that event. Some friends might have relatives or acquaintances that own halls that can offer you discounts on the rental. But remember not to sacrifice the location for the lowest cost. It would be best if you get a good location for the right price. Good locations are the areas that are easily accessible thru traffic, have parking spaces and are reachable by commuting.
  3. If you cannot find a good hall to rent, another good idea is to ask a local pub or bar to hold an area for you on that specific night. You can play karaoke or have raffles and games. You can work out a deal with the bar manager. Perhaps you can take in a certain amount of people in exchange for paying a percentage of the drinks or the food. This will save you costs on place rental, food and drinks. Whatever you can work out with the bar manager, be sure that your guests are obeying the rules of the bar. It is not closed off for your stag and doe party anyway.
  4. Make a list of people who you are planning to invite. Stag and doe parties are usually events that are personal and should not be posted in your social networking. You can invite people whom you have acquainted with or are close friends with. The idea here is to sell tickets to the extent possible as you can to raise the funds for your wedding. You can invite people who are merely acquaintances like your hairdresser or your favorite Starbucks server because some people will still buy your tickets even if they do not plan on attending, but only to make a contribution.

Not only does the stag and doe party profit you and your soon partner in life in terns of financial support, but it gives your guests fun. It is a great way to celebrate your future union and it gives time for friends and families to bond together.


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