How To Plan an Adventure Bachelor Party

So a buddy of yours is saying goodbye to poker, good ole Bud, and football nights, huh? That means he is willing to share the remote with someone other than your group of college buddies. Good for him and a bit of a downer for you.

However, there’s still one last ditch effort that you and your friends can do before saying goodbye to your soon-to-be-married bachelor buddy and that would be to go on an adventure and call it a party!

Here’s how to plan an adventure bachelor party.

1. Alert your buddies. All of them. Text each one and call for a meeting. Tell your buddies about what the meeting’s going to be about. Meet at your favorite bar or grill.

2. Get everyone’s opinion about the ideal adventure bachelor party. Keep in mind that this only becomes ideal when everyone agrees 100% on the adventure. Besides, you are all shouldering the costs so might as well get everyone aboard. Here are questions that you need to answer as a group:

  • What particular adventure haven’t you tried yet?
  • Where in the country is this adventure offered?
  • Is there a city where you’re going?
  • What hotel accommodations and amenities can the group afford?
  • Would your group be requiring a function room to formalize the toasting of the groom? How about a private room just in case you and your buddies suddenly get the urge to organize a bachelor party?
  • Are you looking at hitting the local bars and clubs?
  • How will the group get there and move from location to location?
  • How long will you be staying?

3. Make it fun for the star of the party. Though the object of the party is to make one last effort to enjoy each other’s company and make this unforgettable all around, you and your buddies must make it doubly so for the star of the party – the dude who’s getting hitched.

4. Agree on a date. This will most definitely be out of town so you have to agree on a date that will allow everyone to plan this and file their vacation in time for the event.

5. Break the costs down. You have to know how much this entire thing will set you back so add up the digits and break down the costs per head. This will be the amount each one will need to shell out before you head out on your adventure party.

6. Put your heads together and organize your itinerary. Yeah, you are all busy with work that you’d rather have one of your girlfriends or your buddy’s fiancée plan your itinerary, right? That’s not so smart. This is supposed to be a bachelor adventure party so organize your itinerary yourselves otherwise, you will risk your party being crashed by suspicious-looking blondes and brunettes a.k.a. your girlfriends and his fiancée.

7. Set a date for male shopping. Go equipment and clothes shopping as a group so you can rib each other while getting amped about your adventure. This is a great way to set the mood for the adventure ahead.

Once all of you are there, don’t forget to document every rollicking moment on video so you can show this on his wedding day. Keep it “General Patronage” so he won’t get into trouble.


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