How To Plan an Outdoor Wedding

There is no question about it, an outdoor wedding should only be planned during summer when there is close to a zero chance of rain or snow. It’s already daunting looking at the tiniest of details without having to check Al Roker’s weather report every five minutes, so keep the worries to a minimum and buckle down to work on a summer wedding held outdoors, au naturelle.

You have four months to choose from, starting with June all the way down to September, so after circling your calendar for the exact date, the next thing to do is plan your outdoor wedding.

Here’s how.

  1. Think about the perfect location. There’s quite a number for you to choose from – by the beach, lake, mountainside, garden, resort, your parents’ estate, vineyard, scenic and historical landmarks – the location of choice is whatever strikes your fancy and whimsy. You’ll know the spot because you will fall in love with it as soon as you see it. For now, think about it and write down your ideas.
  2. Check out what the location has to offer aside from the spectacular view. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment especially when your attention is fixated on the vista before you. You have to recover from this and start to focus on other important stuff like facilities, parking, and amenities that will make your wedding easier to organize. For instance, you shouldn’t overlook indoor and outdoor facilities, restrooms, electricity, lights and sound equipment, and pest control systems. Feel free to ask questions about anything that has to do with the wedding package – inclusions and exclusions. Some wedding packages offer free rooms to the wedding entourage so see if this is included in the package. If bugs are going to be a problem, take it upon yourself to get in touch with a pest exterminator go to the venue and exterminate the problem so nothing crawly or flying strays into your wedding ceremony. Will there be additional fees in case your guests bring wines or liquor? Ask away once you’ve fully recovered from the breath-taking view.
  3. Decorate the venue with personal wedding touches. Normally, you don’t have to do much when it comes to decorating the venue. Nature has got you covered in this aspect but you might want to embellish it some more with personal touches like baskets of your favorite flowers, mood lighting, and a wedding arch customized to your specifications. If you’d very much like your own arch for the wedding, check out They make the best arches for weddings. You even get to bring your arch home with you.
  4. Let your guests know that this will be an outdoor wedding. This is so that they can dress fittingly and comfortably for the occasion. You can even go as far as to ask your guests if they could be dressed in summer dresses (women) and suits with vests and jackets off (men).
  5. Remind the caterer to ensure the food stays fresh even when it’s hot outdoors. Although many caterers are experienced in keeping food fresh and delicious despite the heat, it is still your call to voice out your concern about it. In return, allow the caterer to reassure you that this can be prevented by explaining how they intend to prepare, store, display, and serve the food for your wedding.
  6. Do not limit the beverage to wine and alcohol. Serve refreshments that quench thirst. Never limit your beverage to wine and alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates so expand your drinks list to include non-alcoholic drinks.

Yes, with the right mindset and careful planning, this one’s definitely going to be a scorcher and it’s not even about the weather.


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