How To Plan and Throw a Bachelorette Party

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So your best friend is getting married—you, as her close friend have the extremely important job of throwing her an amazing bachelorette party—one last hurrah for her before she enters into married life forever. So, how do you do it? How do you make it a night to truly remember? Here are a few hints on how to ensure that your bride thoroughly enjoys her party.

  1. Remember WHO the party is for! The bachelorette party is not for you, the person throwing it, but instead for the bride-to-be. Be sure to ask her about WHAT she wants to do for her special night. You might have one idea of a great party whereas she wants something completely different. By asking her what interests her, you will make sure that she has fun on her special night. Also ask her if she wants something big or small—whom she wants included—these are details she should have a large hand in planning.
  2. Choose a theme. A theme is important for a bachelorette party because it sets the tone for the event. From the invitations to the drinks and decorations, the theme is the one thing that will make or break your party. Some possible themes include:
    • A girls’ night out.
    • Rest and relaxation.
    • Biker babes.
    • A last hurrah.
    • Naughty nights.
    • Wild&crazy girls.
  3. Choose a location. Picking the right place to have your party is as important as anything else that happens that night. You might want to have a simple affair at your home or go to a restaurant or bar for something crazier. You may want to find a spa that specializes in bridal party packages so all the ladies get to relax instead of party. Just make sure that the location you choose goes along with the theme of the night and it is a place where you can do whatever activities you want to do.
  4. What to do, what to do. . . No matter what kind of party you are throwing, you will need to have some kind of games or entertainment to amuse your party guests. Here are some ideas to use at your bachelorette party:
    • Entertainment (exotic dancers, strippers, etc.).
    • Truth or dare.
    • Spa activities (massages, manicures, pedicures, etc.).
    • A bride-to-be “must do before you get married” list (with fun items for the guest of honor to do on her night of fun).
    • Stereotyping of party guests (each lady wears a name tag and gets a stereotypical title, i.e. “drunk girl,” “party girl,” “loud one,” etc.).
  5. Buying party favors. There are two ways to buy party favors—you can do it online or you can go to a local party store, which will almost certainly have a section for bachelorette parties. Ensure that whatever you get there is enough for everyone attending the event—always overestimate!
  6. Last minute details! Don’t forget the little things and the last-minute details. Always double-check reservations for restaurants, hired cars, or entertainment. It's also a good idea to have back up plans ready in case something does not go as well as you thought it would—if your scavenger hunt isn’t a hit—start the next activity—remember that as long as you keep the bride-to-be’s enjoyment in mind, you cannot go wrong.
  7. Enjoy the party! Make sure that you, as the host, also get a chance to enjoy the party—and have lots of fun!


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