How To Plan Events for a Stag Party

The groom’s last day as a single man is worth celebrating, thus the birth of the stag party. The responsibility of planning and organizing the stag party falls on the best man, although some of the other groom’s friends and the groom himself can also take part. But the men’s natural tendencies to be a little disorganized and laid-back can make this job somewhat daunting. So to help you in your preparation, here are some things you can keep in mind.

  • Identify the party type. Have a talk with the groom and your other buddies and decide what type of party you want to push through. The common ideas are binge drinking at a pub, going to a strip club, or having some casino games. You can do any of these, but for a change, try other party ideas. You can, for instance, head to an exotic resort, go mountain trekking, or stage a mini-sports event. These are all wholesome, so naturally, you don’t have to offer a lot of explanations to the bride, the wives, and the girlfriends.
  • Consider the budget. Find out how much you are going to spend for the stag party. Remember that money is an issue to some people, so if you go for a stag party that will require everyone to shell out a significant amount, you might get small attendance, or worse, force people to back out. If everyone agrees on the budget, set a date for the payment deadline.
  • Ask the groom to make a guest list. Ask the groom who he wants to be in the stag party. The groom’s tendency is to invite as many people as he can. No problem with that. But if there are lots of people, the party might be a little raucous. So better if you invite at the most 20 people. That will give the groom enough time to spend with each guest.
  • Make an itinerary. Plan out the flow of the stag party. If you are changing destinations all throughout the party, list all the locations and the activities you are going to do in each of the places. When making an itinerary, ask the groom’s ideas. Find out what he wants to do and what he wants to avoid. But to make it more exciting, you can plan the activities without the groom’s knowledge. Even if he doesn’t want to do a certain activity, he will play a willing victim in the name of fun.
  • Prepare games and pranks. The truth is, even without planning, men will end up playing games and pranks. But to keep the party organized, take some time to plan. And don’t forget to prepare prizes such as shorts, flasks, and key chains. If the game and pranks are a little silly, never mind documenting them. Pictures and videos have a way of getting in the hands of the bride, the wives, and the girlfriends and might start a heated argument.

Have lots of fun. Whatever you want to do or wherever you want to go, remember to have fun. This is the groom’s last getaway as a single, so make it as memorable and fun-filled as you can.


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