How To Plan Food for a Summer Solstice Wedding

June has become a favorite wedding month, particularly because of the summer solstice. Summer solstice ends the spring and is officially the day with the longest daytime. For this reason, wedding celebrations are a bit more festive, carrying old rituals and traditions and high regard for nature. Foods at a summer solstice wedding specifically signify summer festivities and abundance. Here are some tips on food preparation if you are considering a summer solstice wedding.

  • Adapt a Scandinavian menu. Scandinavia has the longest daytime all over the world during the summer solstice and thus is the central of all summer solstice celebrations. Therefore, if you want your wedding food to remain true to the summer solstice theme, consider serving Scandinavian food, Swedish particularly, as your main course. Smoked salmon and roasts are examples.
  • Serve summery desserts. Because the summer has kicked in, it is best to serve refreshing and summery desserts. S’mores and cupcakes with summer themes, for instance, are good desserts. Ice creams in a variety of flavors and with different kinds of toppings are also appropriate for the summer solstice wedding. Fruit salad and fruit crepes are excellent dessert choices as well. Since guests have different personal tastes, serving a variety of desserts is recommended.
  • Have different kinds of beverages. The usual summer solstice beverages are honey mead, rose wine, cocktail drinks, and fruit punch. Honey mead, particularly, is a traditional summer solstice drink. Again, serve different kinds of beverages to give your guests a lot of options. Also, prepare lots of ice to make the drinks extra refreshing.
  • Contact a caterer. Although you have the option of preparing the foods on your own, it is much better to have the foods catered. Try to contact a caterer that specializes in summer solstice food to give your guests authentic solstice dishes. Aside from the food, the caterer will also provide all the food-related services including the wait staff, tables and chairs, and utensils. Keep in mind, however, that hiring a caterer is an added cost, so you have to allot a bigger budget for the food.
  • Decide on the number of guests. The number of the invitees will determine how much food you have to prepare and ultimately food expenses. Therefore, if you are low on budget, you may consider inviting a few guests, which should include only close family members, relatives, and friends. However, remember that the actual number of guests might exceed your expected headcount, so you may have to provide more food.
  • Have separate meals for children. In a party, children are usually not appreciative of adult food. Therefore, you may want to have a special menu for kids. This should include simple foods like roasted chicken, bread, or rice. Older children can be seated in a separate table, so adults can have an enjoyable and undisrupted meal.

Remember to have plenty of food for the summer solstice wedding. What you want to avoid is a wedding party where people are craving for more food, but you don’t have anything more to offer. Remember that summer solstice wedding usually extends until the evening, so a lot of food to much on is a must.


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