How To Plan for a Medieval Bridal Shower

Themed weddings are very popular today and a medieval theme is one of the most popular. For a themed wedding, you as the maid of honor should go with the theme and plan for a medieval bridal shower that can be fun and a source of inspiration for the wedding theme later. Be prepared to dress up as a lady and enjoy being immersed in a romantic period that is full of pomp and glory, even for a day. Plan a medieval bridal shower using some of the tips below.

  1. Decide which time period you want the theme to be. You can check out the costumes during several European centuries or seek inspiration from the characters such as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Camelot, Romeo and Juliet, Robin Hood and Maid Marion, Lancelot and Guinevere. You can also check out the costumes and props used in period movies such as Elizabeth and even the classic tales like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. Hire costumes that will reflect the period.
  2. Use the theme colors based on the wedding theme and use these to dress up the bridal shower venue, in items and props that you will use to liven up the place, in the invitations and programs for the event. Make shields with the couples’ initials. Add pennants using the theme colors. Buy or rent several candelabras and buy suitable taper and pillar candles in glorious and rich colors to provide lighting for the venue. Supplement the candles with some artificial lighting. Use some brocade, lace and rich velvet as table top covers and curtains. Set up several pots of wildflowers, fresh or artificial.
  3. Use themed ribbons to accent invitations that have been written either in Old English script or gothic calligraphy on parchment paper. Paint the edges with swirls and flourishes in gold or brown markers or run the edges over candle flame to age the paper. Roll them up into a scroll and secure with ribbons the same as the wedding theme colors. Serve the invitations personally. Use parchment envelopes for those invitations that have to be sent by mail.
  4. Look up wedding traditions and translate some of these for the bridal shower. One of these is to give the future bride some kitchen tools and gadgets. Ask all those invited to the medieval bridal shower to bring small kitchen items as gifts that the bride can keep.
  5. Have a collection of waltz and classical music or medieval-inspired movie themes that you can play during the medieval bridal shower. Check out games that you can adopt for the occasion for more fun and laughter.
  6. Look up some traditional medieval food such as roasted meat and poultry, chunks of crusty bread, thick soups and lots of apples, peaches and grapes to be served with wine and cheese. Make sure that the table is decorated as close to a medieval style as possible. Serving them on ornate plates will be a grand idea, but you still do that using paper doilies attached to disposable plates. As much as possible serve foods that can be eaten by hand, as they do during medieval times.

Give ample time for guests to secure their costumes. It would be best if you can include helpful contact information on where they can hire costumes in their invitations. Do a lot of research to help you come up with a workable plan for a truly wonderful and memorable medieval wedding shower. Take lots of picture to commemorate the occasion.


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