How To Play Footsie

The first rule to playing footsie under a crowded table is to make sure you play with the correct person's foot. It could be pretty embarrassing if you accidentally find your best friend's husbands foot! You could end up playing footsie with the wrong person for a while. You should gently kick the person first; if it's the wrong person then apologize quickly, like it was an accident.  Do this until you can verify you have found the correct person's foot.

Before you even go out, if you intend to play footsie, take whatever steps you need to, to make sure your feet won't stink.  After finding the right person under the table you will need to remove your shoe. Then gently lay your foot on his. Give him a little eye contact. Half of good footsie is the knowing looks between you. If he doesn't pull away, slowly drag your foot from the top of his foot up the front of his calf and back down. Check his eyes again and maybe give him a little suggestive smile.

When you get the return smile, slowly move your foot upward again. This time go up the front of his calf and then back down the back. I'll bet he is responding to your touch by now.  Take it slowly; there is no rush, you have the whole evening. Give him some eye contact and a quiet little giggle.

Footsie is a two player game. Hopefully, by now he has removed his own shoe and you can entwine your feet, gently stroking each other. Remember, don't get lost in the moment and forget you are sitting at a table with other people. Try to stay in the conversation while you are actively playing footsie. Steal a knowing glance with your footsie partner once in a while, but don't be too obvious. Playing footsie at a crowded table is a secret between you and him. It's meant to tease and tantalize.

You can continue to gently caress his calf and foot or, if you're really daring, you can move farther up his leg. Maybe caress the inside of his thigh. Take your cues from his movements under the table and from his looks. Remember, go gently and slowly. Playing footsie can be a form of flirting or an outright seduction if you dare.

Playing footsie is not rocket science, just relax and enjoy yourself. Playing footsie under a crowded table is a fun and flirty way to spend an evening with the one you love. When you find yourself caressing his most intimate regions, or him yours, it's time to stop or go home together.


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