How To Prepare a Lesbian Wedding

Although not all states have legalized gay and lesbian weddings, there are plenty of options for lesbians who want to get married. Through weddings, adult lesbian women can show their love and devotion for each other. Just like a heterosexual wedding, however, there are plenty of details that need to be ironed out before the wedding day. Here’s how you can prepare a lesbian wedding.

  1. Talk. The first step is for the couple to talk about their wedding options, as well as the details that will be involved in their wedding. The couple should be aware that same sex marriages still may pose certain problems, especially if the lesbians have not yet come out for their parents and families. With or without blessings from the family, however, there is still no reason why a lesbian or gay couple cannot get married.
  2. Date. Set the date for the wedding. The wedding date can be chosen because of the day’s significance for the couple, or for convenience. The couple can also choose mass lesbian and gay weddings, where they can both get wed and show support for fellow homosexuals. Whatever the date, it should provide the couple with enough time to plan for the wedding.
  3. Guest list. After the date has been planned, you need to create a guest list. This should include the family and friends for the couple, as well as the wedding sponsors and other special guests. The guest list should be approved unanimously by both partners. Once the guest list has been formulated, you can begin making other arrangements such as the seating arrangements for the reception. You can also begin creating the wedding invitations and mailing them in advance. For guests from other states and countries, the couple should also consider the travel plans available to make the wedding as little a problem as possible for guests who live far away.
  4. Papers. Next, consider the legal papers that are needed for the wedding. There are certain states where lesbian weddings are not yet permitted, in which case the lesbian couple can choose civil unions which are legally binding as well. Although not all churches will allow a wedding ceremony, what is important is that the couple is legally recognized and that the essence of the wedding - love between the couple – is maintained.
  5. Location. The location for the wedding ceremony should also be considered, especially since certain locales will provide the couple with the convenience of more liberal churches that will host the wedding. If the state where the couple lives does not permit lesbian weddings, a wedding in another state is possible to facilitate a legal wedding for the couple.
  6. Theme. Finally, consider the theme for the wedding. Just like a heterosexual wedding, you can have white bride themes, garden weddings, beach weddings, blonde weddings, or any other theme.

Be sure that you also hire professional photographers and videographers to create galleries of movies, videos, and photographs of the wedding. Through these easy steps, a lesbian couple can find ways to commemorate and seal their relationship in a symbolic and meaningful way.


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