How To Prepare For A Best Man Speech

How to write and deliver perfect best man speeches

I used to be so scared of public speaking that I even skipped a few award distribution ceremonies in high school and college, pretending I was too sick to attend. But one of my long time buddies picked me as the best man and asked me if I can assist him on his wedding day. Now you just can't say no to a request like this. In fact, it's a great honor to be selected as the best man. That means that the groom has confidence in you and he thinks that you are trustworthy enough to carry out the responsibilities of a best man. But I wished he picked somebody else. Why? Because I knew that I had to give a best man speech at the reception and I had absolutely no clue how to get prepared for it. But at the same time I also knew that there's no escaping this time. So, I decided to spend some time on the speech, did some research work, learned how to deliver a speech confidently, and eventually came up with a pretty good best man wedding speech.

Step 1

First, you should decide on the length of your best man speech. Remember that it's easier to write a speech than to deliver it. So, if you aren't too confident, try to keep your speech short. I would recommend that you limit your speech to no more than 4 minutes. The guests will also appreciate it, as nobody likes to get bored by long drawn out speeches.

Step 2

Now, it's time to gather some ideas on best man speeches. You must be interested to know what others are doing. Browse through the internet and search for best man speeches. You could easily get access to loads of free as well as professional best man speech resources. There are sample speeches, templates, wedding jokes, quotes and one-liners, even audios and video.  Bookmark or note the ones that you like.

Step 3

Once you have some ideas you should definitely get started. Okay, great. Break your best man speech into 3 main parts - the introduction, the main speech and the concluding part. Actually what I suggest you do is create an outline or structure first on which you can build your speech, which will make the composing part that much easier.

Now, let's begin to add words to your best man speech outline.

In the introduction you obviously introduce yourself, thank the groom for choosing you as the best man and greet the guests attending the reception.

You can further break the main part of the speech into several little sub-parts. You will want to tell about the groom and share a couple of anecdotes (preferably humorous, but not necessarily) here. Next, you should also mention the bride. Tell why you think the bride is just the person the groom would ever want as the life partner... I think you got the idea. By the way, don't forget the maid of honor. Praise the bridesmaids and appreciate the support they provided.

Finally, in the concluding part of the speech the best man traditionally wishes the newlyweds well and proposes a toast. Take your pick from the several wedding toasts that are available online, and customize it a bit to create your unique best man's wedding toast.

Step 4

Okay, now that you are done with your speech, it's time to focus on how to deliver it with confidence. You have to get confident if you indent to give a perfect best man's speech. So, what do you do to be confident? Get familiar with your speech. And how do you get familiar with your speech? Practice it, rehearse it several times. Practice makes a task familiar, and familiarity boosts confidence. The more you practice your speech the higher your confidence level.

So, that's it. Get some sample best man speeches, wedding jokes and quotes to get some ideas. Create the outline for your speech. Add words to transform it into a full fledged best man speech following the tips mentioned above. Rehearse it several time until you are confident enough.

Do this and you too can produce a stunning best man speech. Best wishes.

Armeet suggests Best Man Speech Insight as a good source for speech ideas.

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