How To Prepare for a Date

Do you have a hot date this weekend? If so, you’re probably nervous about making sure that everything goes smoothly. Especially if you haven’t done this for awhile, you may be unsure how to prepare for it. Here’s how to prepare for a date:

  1. Choose your outfit. The first step to prepare for a date, this should be done the night before to allow time for washing, ironing, or other last-minute wardrobe fixes. The perfect outfit and shoes should fit the occasion and flatter your body. Choose an outfit you feel comfortable wearing; a new outfit that you’re not used to wearing can make you fidget and adjust your clothes constantly throughout the evening. You want to be able to pay attention to your date, not spend your attention on your clothes. If you don’t know what to choose, enlist the help of a friend, but don’t get talked into wearing something you’re not comfortable in.
  2. Gather conversation starters. Take a few minutes to catch up on current news and hot topics. Funny stories or comments on current events can be great conversation starters if you run into an awkward silence, and you can impress your date with your knowledge. If you already know a little about their interests or hobbies, do some reading so you can appear knowledgeable about those areas. However, don’t try to fake knowledge and interest in a subject, because it can show. Prepare for the date by thinking about a few questions you can ask them about their interests.
  3. Relax. Get plenty of rest the night before your date. Take some time during the day to meditate, listen to music, watch some TV, take a walk, or otherwise relax before you begin to prepare for the date. Otherwise, you’ll be jittery and nervous during your date.
  4. Get ready. Leave plenty of time to shower, change, and get ready before your date. If you feel rushed, it will make you nervous. Go easy on the make-up, and remember that if things go well, your date will eventually see you without makeup. Be sure to look your best so you can feel confident on your date.
  5. Check your hygiene. Shower before the date, and make sure your hair and nails are clean. Avoid heavy perfumes and aftershaves, but make sure that you smell good. Brush your teeth, and don’t forget deodorant. Bring mints in your pocket or purse for during the date.
  6. Last minute preparations. Before you head out the door, think positive thoughts. You will enjoy yourself on the date; don’t start worrying about possible disasters. Instead, focus on having fun. Finally, make sure to be punctual. Keeping your date waiting will make the wrong first impression.

Dates can be nerve-wracking, so make sure you do everything possible beforehand to ensure that you will enjoy yourself. If you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to make the right first impression. Take a deep breath before the date begins, and be yourself.


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