How To Prepare for a First Date with a Girl

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The first date is the only opportunity you've got to make a first impression. So it's important that you prepare for a first date. You want that someone special to think you are quite the catch, so follow these easy steps to prepare for your first date.

Step 1

Make a reservation. If the responsibility falls on you to decide where you and your date will be going for dinner, you will need to make reservations. Let your date know that you are organized by making reservations ahead of time. And earn bonus points from your date by requesting the best seat in the house, or at least a private table away from the crowd. Choose a classy restaurant and have a look at the menu ahead of time to ensure they offer foods that she will enjoy. (You will need to consider whether she is vegetarian or has any allergies when choosing the restaurant).

Step 2

Invest in some new digs. You want to look your best when you show up at her front door. And you can do this by buying a new outfit for the occasion. Prepare for your first date by investing in a nice pair of slacks, some leather dress shoes, a dress shirt and a jacket. The restaurant will dictate whether you need to wear a tie or not, but you're better off to wear one, just in case. Make sure that the clothes you want to wear are appropriate for the restaurant you are going to. You wouldn't want to be underdressed (or overdressed either, for that matter).

Step 3

Be well-groomed. A clean, fresh look is best for guys when preparing for a first date. Get a haircut close to the day of your date. And shave just before you leave for your date. (No, a morning shave won't do for a dinner date - shave twice!) Work on your complexion throughout the week, washing your face to minimize any breakouts. She's going to be staring at your face all night long so you want it to look great.

Step 4

Find out where she lives. There's nothing worse than getting lost on the way to your date's house. It's a good idea to drive by her address ahead of time so that you know where you're going when it comes to date night. Get directions from her and find out where the best place to park is. Make sure you have coins on you if you need to pay a parking meter. And for heaven's sake - if you're going to pick her up in your car, make sure that your car is spotless inside and out! You can look as good as possible but if you're driving around in a pigpen, you're not going to impress this girl.

Step 5

Show up on time. Simply put, don't be late. She has been counting down the minutes to this date all day, and you don't want to make her wait even longer. Be right on time.

Step 6

Treat her to something special. You can really impress your date by bringing her a small gift of appreciation. It shouldn't be anything too expensive or emotional. A single red rose or even a small bouquet of flowers will start off your first date well. You don't want to embarrass her with this gift. Instead, just give her something that says, ‘I am looking forward to our first date together'. It will put a big smile on her face and will give you brownie points before your first date even begins.


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Thanks for the tips. Just an addition: preparing your confidence helps.

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