How To Prepare Infant Formula

Preparing an infant formula is not as simple as you may think. Yes, you may become so used to it already that you don’t find it difficult anymore. However, you always need to know how to do it properly to ensure your child’s best condition.

Forget all your techniques in preparing your child's milk formula. Check these proper ways and analyze if you are dealing with the task the right way. If not, there are no reasons of not following it.

  1. Before preparing the infant milk, make sure you wash your hands first.
  2. It is necessary that you read the directions in the can or package of the infant feeding formula. This way, you will be sure of the right amount of powder to be dissolved in an amount of water. As you know, different brands have different milk concentrations. Therefore, you need to read the labels on the package of the formula milk first especially if it is an organic formula and hypoallergenic formula.
  3. With a wet cloth, wipe the can's lid first to remove any dirt and dust. This needs to be followed especially if you are opening a new can of milk formula.
  4. To prepare the water, you need to get cold water from the sink and let it run for about 30 seconds first. In this case, there will be lesser chances of getting lead and other contaminants in the water. If you need to boil the water, bring it to a five-minute rolling boil. Always remember to boil the water only once. This is because boiling it more than once can change the mineral concentration in the water.
  5. Fill the feeding bottle with cold water. In cases when you boiled it, make sure it is already cool before filling it in.
  6. Pour the right measurement of formula to the water. Make sure not to add the powder before the water as it can skew the water measurement in the infant feeding bottle.
  7. Place the lid of the feeding bottle after adding water and infant milk. Gently shake it until the powder is mixed well already in water.
  8. Do not warm the bottle of milk formula anymore. However, in cases when your baby needs a warm one, just place it in a pan with hot but not boiling water. It is never right to heat it in the microwave as it can result to some hot spots that can burn your baby's mouth.
  9. After heating it, shake the bottle and let a few drops to fall on your forearm. To see if it is already right for your baby, it needs to feel warm and not hot on your skin.
  10. After feeding your child, you need to throw the formula already, be it a hypoallergenic formula or organic formula. It will not be safe to use it again even if it is refrigerated or reheated because the bacteria on the baby's mouth mixes with the formula during the feeding process.

As a parent caring so much for your child, it is always necessary to follow these proper ways in preparing infant formula. Though this can make your preparation harder than the usual one, it can definitely define and determine your baby’s health. So change for the better now. It is your baby’s health that is at stake here.


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