How To Prepare Your Place for a Date

Bringing a date back to your place can be a bit intimidating. What should you do to prepare for a date and make sure that your place is "date friendly"? There are a few things to consider including picking up, showing who you are, and making it special.

The first thing you should consider is picking up. Your place doesn't have to be perfect if you aren't the perfect housekeeper - you don't want to set unreasonable expectations here!  However, it does need to be picked up. Start by picking up all the dirty laundry and putting it in the hamper. If you don't have time to wash it, that's okay; but if it really stinks, it may help to sprinkle some baby powder (just a little) in the middle and on the top of the laundry in the hamper. Then you will want to make sure all the dirty dishes are in the sink and rinsed. It's best if they are cleaned, but if you don't have time then it is forgivable; just make sure they aren't crusty and attracting flies. Then make sure you give the bathroom a thorough cleaning. This should include the toilet, tub, sink, and floor. This is one area where you don't want to cut corners - you want your guest to be comfortable in the bathroom. Finish by vacuuming and sweeping. If you have the time, then wash the laundry and dishes, mop the floor, and dust. If you don't have the time, it should be okay.  Take care of the worst of the mess, and your date probably won't even notice the little things.

Next, you need to consider showing a little bit about who you are. It isn't a good idea to have all sorts of telltale signs that you are a slob or anything. But you can use your place as a way to show a little of who you are to your date. Consider leaving out some music, your favorite movies, your games, or other things you enjoy doing. This can be a great way to share a part of yourself and to start conversations.

Finally, making your place a little special can be very touching for your date. Make the room smell good with a good quality linen spray. Add some candles for a good mood and a great smell, or bake for a more homey feel. You don't even have to know how to bake well to make this one work for you. Open a can of cinnamon rolls or a package of cookie dough. Maybe you want to add a vase of flowers that you can send home with your date later in the evening.

Preparing your place for a date doesn't have to be a hard thing to do. Clean, add your personality, and make it special and you are well on your way. Your place can be a great date place any time!


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