How To Prepare Yourself to Find True Love

Everybody wants to love and be loved in return. People jump into relationships for the sake of satisfying that desire to express and receive love only to find themselves disillusioned and brokenhearted. While you cannot tell when your true love is ever going to come knocking on your door, you can prepare yourself to find it.

  1. Learn to love yourself. To do this you need more time to know yourself better. Spend time to acknowledge what your strengths and weaknesses are. Do you think you have a good personality? If so, do you still strive to get better? If there are things you would like to change about yourself, what are they? Are you somehow dissatisfied with your career, your physical appearance, your emotional capability, etc? If you find that you are disappointed in a number of aspects in your life, chances are you are not yet ready to find that true love. Pull yourself together and make a conscious effort to find and pursue your own greatness. You need to learn to appreciate yourself more, practice discipline, value your capabilities, and learn to radiate confidence not only in appearance but also in your career, activities, and all other aspects in your life. Only when you know your real self-worth and learn to appreciate it can you find self-respect that is very essential in your relationship with other people. You cannot give others something that you cannot give yourself. If you cannot love yourself, how can you love others the way you want to be loved?
  2. Serve others. A better appreciation of yourself and your purpose will motivate you to help others. This is then an opportunity to lend a hand to those who need you. It could be a child, a neighbor, an elder, someone in the family, at work, or anyone. Everyday think of someone who needs your help. You will be surprised to realize that a lot of people actually need it. Serving others could be in the form of cheering them up, spending time to listen to another’s burdens, doing errands for your family, taking time to visit an old friend, etc. When you practice serving others it will soon become a positive habit that other people will find attractive. More people will be drawn to your personality and to your heart, which is more important than being appreciated for your looks.
  3. Enjoy your singlehood. This is easy if you already find happiness in serving others. Do not get too impatient in finding the love of your life but enjoy being single for the moment with your family and friends. Build friendship wherever you go and always keep a cheerful personality. Sad people are not attractive. When you always have a ready smile on your face and a bright personality, people will easily see you. You will stand out from the rest of the crowd and you never know in one corner someone who is willing to love you like you ever dreamed of is already paying attention on you.

If you love yourself, serve others, and enjoy your life being single at the moment, just wait. Do not push yourself to find someone as that will only be a disaster. True love waits and it will in time come to you.


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