How To Preserve a Wedding Bouquet

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Fresh floral arrangements and wedding bouquets can now be preserved so these can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.  A well preserved wedding bouquet can be placed in a glass case displayed on the table or mounted on the wall.

Some methods of preservation include air drying, the use of Silica gel or freeze drying.  The last method gives the most life like result but can only be done by a professional for a handsome fee.

To personally preserve a wedding bouquet, air dry it or use Silica gel (white granules used in preservation).  Air drying produces a stiffer arrangement and you can expect more fading of the colors using this method.  The materials used in both methods can be sourced through floral shops and hobby or craft stores.

Air Drying

This method is relatively easy.  You simply hang the bouquet upside down in a dark room and allow it to dry for a week or more.  Drying time depends on the type of flowers and foliage in the arrangement.  Once completely dry, to protect the dried bouquet, lightly spray it with dried floral spray or hairspray. 

Using Silica Gel

  1. Take pictures of the bouquet.  Make sure to get all the angles.
  2. Carefully take apart the bouquet.  If the stems are long, trim the ends.  After all, it is the flowers that you want to preserve and not the long stems.
  3. Place the flowers on a table or any flat surface.  Keep the bouquet holder, if the arrangement came with one.
  4. Get several deep and flat containers with airtight covers.
  5. Pour Silica gel into the containers.  About an inch or so would be fine.
  6. Place same type and same size flowers together in one container.  Evenly space the flowers.  They should not be in contact with each other.  Use as many containers as you will require.  Do not cram the flowers in just one container.
  7. Add more Silica gel into the containers.  Make sure to do this slowly so as not to damage the flowers.  Best to use your fingers to cover the flowers with the granules.  The Silica gel will absorb the moisture from the flowers, thus drying them.
  8. Place the airtight seal on the containers.
  9. Store the containers in a cool and dry place.  Make sure no one opens the containers.
  10. Check to the see if any of the flowers are dry after three days.  Continue keeping the flowers in the sealed containers until all are completely dry. 
  11. Once everything is dry, slowly remove the flowers from the Silica gel.
  12. With the picture as reference, put together the wedding bouquet.  Attach the stems using florist's wire.
  13. If the bouquet came with a holder, put the holder on the newly put together dried wedding bouquet.
  14. Once the whole bouquet has been assembled, spray it with dried floral spray or hairspray.  Make sure to only lightly coat the arrangement.
  15. Place the dried wedding bouquet in a sealed glass case for display.

Do your research on which flowers respond best to hang drying and drying with Silica gel.  Whichever method you use for preserving a wedding bouquet, you must remember that it needs to be stored and displayed in areas away from direct sunlight.

Preserving a wedding bouquet is a great idea of having a special memento of that special day.  Think about doing this keepsake for a friend or relative who is about to get married.  Or, consider this for your own souvenir of your wedding day.


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