How To Put a Baby Back to Sleep

It is hard enough to get a child to sleep, but it is even harder when you need to put them back to sleep. There are some instances that trouble babies when sleeping. Some of these are temperature, noise and especially wet diapers. These often give parents a stressful night or sometimes they get disrupted from finishing their chores, but parents are very eager to put them back to sleep to finish what they are doing. A complete sleep without interruption is highly essential for babies. It promotes their growth and boosts their immune system.

The first way to put the baby back to sleep is to find out what woke them up in the first place. Here are some causes that disturb a sleeping baby

  • Check the baby's diaper - if it is wet, change it as soon as possible. After doing that, the baby will be able to go back to sleep in no time.

  • Babies often wake up when they are hungry. Just feed them and put them back to sleep when their hunger is fulfilled.

  • Sometimes, babies wake up because something is irritating them or if the temperature is unpleasant. Try to put them to sleep in a comfortable area or turn on the air-conditioner to relieve them - just be sure to set the temperature at a reasonable degree.

  • Loud noise can easily wake a baby up. Just stop the thing that creates the noise or at least lessen it. Babies can sleep comfortably with soft music or regular household sounds.

  • Bright lights can wake a baby up. Try to use a night light or dim the lights. Using bright lights will only make it harder for babies to go to sleep.

Determining what causes a baby to wake up will give you a more concise look on how to put them back to sleep. Now that you know what can and may wake your baby up. Here are the things or ways to put a baby back to sleep:

  1. If you want to put the baby back to sleep in an instant, do not pick them up just yet. Rub their forehead gently using your fingers. This will help them relax their eyes and close them afterwards and they will go back to rest.

  2. If the baby cries, you can carry him or her and try to walk around. Rocking a baby to sleep is a way to speed up putting them back to sleep. However, keep in mind that you can't rock a baby intensely.

  3. One of the best ways to put a baby back to sleep is to set them in a sitting position - cross their legs, place the baby on you lap and gently move you in a swaying manner. The baby will feel comfortable and the movement of your lap will put the baby back to sleep.

  4. While cuddling the baby, try to sing a couple of lullabies. This will create a more comfortable feel for the baby. The sound of your voice will be very reassuring to them.

  5. Do not rush the baby to sleep this since it will take them longer to stay up. Forcing them will make them irritated and all the more restless.

Once you have done these steps and the baby is soundly back to sleep, place them back to their crib. Support the child's head and back as you lay them down gently.


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