How To Put Together a Killer Dating Profile

The Internet has incredibly changed the dating world. In essence, it has become more like a competitive sport. People are racing fast to get the best date they can ever have, and it reflects very clearly in the amount of time and effort people put into crafting their dating profiles. A dating profile is the single most important thing to successfully attract people, so you really want to make a killer dating profile that puts your best foot forward. Because your dating profile will determine the success of your online dating experience, it will be wise to get some help in making one. Here are some tips.

  • Avoid making clichés. Members of the opposite sex have probably read lots of dating profiles, so definitely they will skip all dating profiles that say almost the same thing. To increase your chances of being noticed, it will be best to steer away from tiring clichés. Remember, your goal is to stand out and not be drowned out. Therefore, your dating profile must be something unique. If your mind always goes back to the clichés, stop for a while. Do some reflection first and think of one or two things that are interesting about you, and then build your dating profile from there. The key here is to have a catchy start, something that will attract and hold your readers’ interest. Make sure, however, that the rest of the dating profile is as fluid as the start, so you don’t end up boring your readers and making them stop reading at the middle.
  • Tell something about your personality. What kind of person are you? Are you the introvert type who likes to stay at home and watch TV? Or are you the outgoing type who loves to travel a lot and get into some adventures? Don’t be afraid to bare your personality, likes, goals, and life views. The more clues people have, the more they will want to know you. But make sure not to bare it all. It is best to leave people with something to find out for themselves.
  • Speak of your interests. Interest pulls people together; in fact, aside from physical appearance, it’s the one thing that people like to know about a person. So write something about your interests. For instance, if you like mountain climbing, tell what inspired you to do it, what you get from it, and what your plans are for this hobby. This way, potential dates will get a few clues about your personality, begin to get intrigued, and eventually try to dig for more information. This will also attract people who have the same interests as yours.
  • Avoid lying. It’s normal to want to cover up a character flaw, status, or background with a lie. But it’s never a good practice. Besides, would you want people to like you for your fabricated persona and not for who you really are? Better not to get a date at all than to have a date founded on a lie. Eventually, truth will surface, and consider yourself lucky if your potential romance doesn’t end up crumbling into pieces.

Finally, make your dating profile light and fun to read. Don’t sound too serious. People are on a dating website to have fun and not to weigh their selves down with some preachy, stern, and stiff profile. Put some humor in your dating profile; after all, most people want to date someone with a fantastically good sense of humor.


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