How To Raise a Child Alone

If raising a child with a partner is already a challenge, much more is raising a child alone. No wonder why many parents ask how to raise a child alone.

Today, more and more people opt to be single parents. The setup is now more socially acceptable. Gone were the days when women were tagged negatively for having a child without a father. It may not be the best for the child. But for now, raising the child alone is the best you can offer.

Here are some tips for single parents raising a child alone:

  1. Not really alone. You feel you’re alone? Well guess what. About 12 million of American families consist of single parents. Various reasons are there for being a single parent like death of a spouse, divorce, and separation. Families having only one parent are fast becoming the norm nowadays. That is why more and more people are becoming concerned about how to raise a child alone. So, in that sense, you are not really alone.
  2. Join a group. There are lots of people that are in the same shoes. You can share experiences and teach lessons to one another. Find a local group for single parents. It’s good to belong to a group with the same issues that you are experiencing.
  3. Fill the gap. You can always try to be both the mother and father for your child. But the truth still remains, you can never fill the gap that only mothers or fathers can satisfy. Filling the missing gap will help resolve the issue. It’s not necessary that you should enter a relationship with a person that can fill that gap, though. If you are a single mom, your child’s uncle or your male friend can be the father-like role model. This works the same for single dads.
  4. Keep close. Being close to your child is very important especially if you are a single parent. Spend more time together to develop stronger family ties. You can do this by reading a book to your child, playing with him, eating with him, taking pictures with him, or doing sweet nothings for him.
  5. Don’t forget yourself. Sure, your child is your most important priority. But never forget to take care of yourself, too. How can you make your child happy if you are not happy yourself? If you feel stressed, you can change a hairstyle or treat yourself to a good massage. Eating out with your child is a good idea, too.
  6. Help your child be independent. Since you are a single parent, you don’t always have the time to look after your child. If he is big enough, better teach him independence. Teach him things he can do for himself like cleaning his room or arranging his toys. Simple things that you let your child do will be a great training to being independent.

If sometimes you feel so tired, you can find a friend who can listen or better yet help you. Being a single parent is surely difficult. And the most difficult part is to keep yourself focused on your child’s best interests. By following the above tips, at least, you are several steps closer to that.



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