How To Re-Ignite Passion in a Marriage

Passion can definitely keep you marriage in good, tip-top shape. In fact, your being passionate can help hold together the formative years of your being married. Inevitably, it also nurtures a very strong sexual bond between you and your beloved partner. Likewise, the apparent lack of passion can harbor boredom and encourage infidelity. Ultimately, it can also end your marriage. Here are some practical techniques to re-ignite passion into your marriage:

Maintain good communication. Spend time talking. Be honest with each other. If you are noticing that your passion is waning, discuss what you can do. Agree on what both of you are willing to commit just to bring back passion into your relationship. You intimate talk should serve as a wake-up call. Listen to your partner. Understand his “issues” if you are really bent in ratcheting up the chemistry in your relationship. He may have new experiences. He may have developed new feeling. Find out about them and see how you can both adjust to accommodate those changes.

Take time to be alone with each other. Have a night out. Go out on a date or something. Watch a movie. Visit a park. Consider an opportunity to be with each other. When you are spending time together, don’t bring out money troubles or raise house problems. Don’t even talk about your families, relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Discuss only each other. Recreate the feeling of curiosity. Remember the first time you agreed to meet each other. Marriage counselors claim that being alone together is indispensable in achieving a successful, very passionate relationship.

Do something worthwhile together. Find a way to be closer with your spouse. You may opt to learn a new skill together. You may even plan a trip. If one of your kids needs to get a present for a special occasion, go together and get the perfect gift. Your renewed interaction can remind you of your good time together during the early years of your relationship. You may also use the opportunity to start new fond memories together.

Be more physical. Touch and physically connect more with your spouse. Bring back the feeling of spark and warmth. Marriage counselors suggest that touching should happen more. It should not be limited simply before going to sleep or before having sex. You should touch every day, at least more than twice. When you touch your partner, take it as a bonding moment.

Learn some new bedroom tricks. Bring your sex rituals to another level. Think of exciting ways to enhance your emotional intimacy and sexual energy. Engage into role-playing. Get rid of your inhibitions.

Re-igniting passion into your marriage should be a gradual slow, process. Aim for “a romantic build-up” of sort. Start leaving sexy notes around your bedroom. When you are alone and together, speak in seductive tone. You may also want to be more spontaneous every now and then. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. These little efforts can make a difference in your married life.


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