How To React When Your Ex Gets Engaged

Your ex is engaged to somebody other than you?   Relax.  Whether you still love your ex or not, here are a few tips on how to react when this happens:

Control your emotion.  If you are hurt by his decision, try to move on and accept the fact that he has moved on.  Throw away or give to charity the stuff that may remind you about your ex, like gifts, clothes, shoes, perfume, pictures, movies, videos, songs, etc.  Don't burn them, as fire may only enkindle your passion and you may suddenly feel that you want your ex back in your life again.  Just throw them away like the trash that he is!  If you can't throw them, avoid them.  Avoid places that may bring back a flood of memories.  Humans are not adapted to be comfortable underwater for long periods of time so try not to drown in your own tears.

Calm down. If you're not sad but very, very angry...hush...calm down.  Take deep breaths and divert your attention. Feel good and make yourself look good.  Why not shop around and give yourself a make over?  Make your ex feel sorry that he has chosen someone over you.  Better yet, convert the energy of that anger into something productive: participate in sports, workshops or do some volunteer work.  You will not only help others but will be doing yourself a great favor by feeling good about yourself.  This is better than a slap in your ex's face.

Congratulate your ex. If you're still friends with your ex, be happy and congratulate him. If you don't want to talk to him in person, just send an e-mail or a hand-written note or card.  This will preserve your friendship and people will think that you're a strong and mature individual who is intelligent, friendly, strong-willed and attractive enough to get engaged as well.

Throw a party. If you are friends with both your ex and his soon-to-be wife, and you're okay with the whole thing, then throw a party!  Why not bring in your current date with you and tell your ex that you're engaged as well. (Try not to lie though!)

Do nothing. If you are absolutely not talking to each other, then do absolutely nothing!  You are not required to react to his engagement, so carry on like the usual.  Don't even get jealous because your ex has chosen someone other than you.  People decide to be together or live separate lives for many reasons.  Your ex being engaged to someone else doesn't mean that you are not worthy of commitment.  You could meet other people, have a few dates, and see whether you are compatible enough to live with each other for the rest of your lives.

Having your ex get engaged to someone else doesn't have to be a bad thing. It may be a step towards bigger and better things.  So however you choose to react, keep in mind that there's plenty of fish in the sea so sail on, sail on, sail on.


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