How To Read Reviews for a Baby Scale

Are you expecting, or have you just brought home your new little bundle of joy from the hospital? Have you decided that finding out his or her weight every three months or so is not enough, or do you have new grand parents who are far away, and do not want to wait for a doctor's visit to know exactly how big their new grandchild is? Well, the answer could be a new baby scale, but you may be wondering how to determine which baby scale is the best.

With the thousands of reviews out there of the hundreds of different brands of baby scales, it is impossible to make sure that you are getting a baby scale with all of the features you need. Sorting through those reviews is difficult if not impossible, especially when you don't know if a review is written by an honest to goodness person, or if it is just written by the media experts at the baby scale manufacturer.

Here are some tips to let you know how to read reviews for a baby scale so that you know you are getting the best baby scale out there.

Web sites that host thousands of product reviews, or doing Web searches for reviews on specific products may not provide the most accurate information you want, so when you do find a review, you should look at the details of that review.

  1. First of all, is it on a Web site that offers money or compensation for reviews? If so, you may not get the most honest of reviews, as some of these sites are littered with freelance writers. Read the reviews that you see; are they substantive? Do they have drawbacks and benefits? Do they list all of the features the product has?
  2. First person accounts with specific details as well as a numerical ratings will give you a good start. Do not just look at the number rating, but look at what they are saying about the product. Anyone can click the wrong star or number with a 1-5 or 1-10 rating, and if that locks in a review, they may have rated something at a ten when it should have been rated a 1. Avoid these types of ratings entirely, as some of them can be skewed by false ratings, or incorrect clicks.

What are the most important features in a baby scale that you would want? Find reviews that echo your opinions, then you know you are getting the best.


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