How To Read Women's Body Language

When you want to know how your date is really going, you need to start listening to what the woman is not saying. Women communicate more with their body language than they do with words. So pay attention. Follow these steps and you can read women's body language.

  1. Look at where she stands. Has she put obstacles in your path? Notice whether she shifts away when your try to put your hand on her back to escort her through a door. If she sits across from you at the table her body is telling you two things, she needs the space and she wants to be able to look at you when you talk.
  2. Check posture. Good, tall posture is a signal of confidence and self assurance. You won't be able to intimidate someone with straight posture. If she is wearing high heels then you might notice a her legs more than her back but the way she stands will indicate if she is feeling good about herself. If the woman is ramrod straight or hunched in posture you should beware. The stiffness would indicate tension or discomfort while hunched shoulders indicate shyness, distrust or lack of confidence.
  3. Watch the lean. If the woman you are speaking with is leaning toward you this indicates interest in what you are saying. If she leans away there is an indication of disinterest or distrust.
  4. Take note of her hands. After facial expressions, hands speak the loudest in terms of body language. For negative body indicators look for arms crossed over the chest, hands in the pockets, behind the back or twisting around a purse at waist level. Friendly body language for hands will be palm up or moving animatedly along with the speaker's conversation. If her hands are moving closer to you or she offers small touches then consider these positive indicators.
  5. Watch facial expressions. The easiest facial expression to interpret is a smile. False smiles will be tense or too wide. If her eyes are open (not squinty) and her smile involves the entire face; it is genuine. The eyes are also a good indication of honesty and trust. Believe the woman who looks you in the eye when speaking but not the one who looks up or to the left when speaking as that is a sign of dishonesty.
  6. Notice signs of nerves. There are several indicators that the woman is simply nervous. Watch her hands to see if she is fidgeting. She may twist her hair, fiddle with her earrings or necklace or turn a watch or bracelet several times when nervous. If she doesn't seem to know where to put her hands, she frequently shift the silverware on the table, lifts an empty glass or moves so her body leans toward you then away nerves are getting the best of her. Don't interpret these signs as mixed signals. Instead find a way to put her at ease so she can get rid of the nerves and you'll have a better view of her true body language.

Reading body language can be a great tool especially on a date. Sensitivity to such signals will help you understand the women in your life.


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