How To Rebuild a Troubled Relationship

All the signs are there. You seldom talk to one another. You seem to be strangers living under one roof. You don’t tell him your daily activities anymore, neither does he. Suddenly, you are worlds apart. You start silently criticizing and resenting him. And you feel he does the same, too. Where did all the affection go? One moment you were both sizzling with fire for each other, the next you are both as cold as ice. You are in a troubled relationship, no doubt.

Many times you attempted to pack your bags and leave him. But no, you can’t, for various good reasons. Perhaps you have children and you don’t want them to suffer from the failed relationship of their parents. Perhaps you are economically dependent to him. Or perhaps you feel you still have some love remaining in the recesses of your heart and that breaking your relationship will leave you empty. You decide to revive the relationship. Love could be lovelier the second time around after all. But how can you rebuild your failing relationship? Is this plausible?

Yes, it is and there is reason to hope as both man and woman can work together to give their relationship a new lease of life. However it entails some serious work. You should both work together to bring back the luster in your relationship. It has to be a team work if the relationship were to bounce back to life. This said, the best thing you can do as a couple is to open the communication line so you can have a sincere discussion.

First of all, you can do is to give your relationship a thorough examination. Sit down together and talk about this in an objective manner. If possible, emotions should be controlled so that you can address the problem effectively.

Next, identify your problems. Is the woman going out more often than expected? Is the man always coming home late? The man might be seeing someone else, or it could be the woman, too.

After identifying your problems, you can now look for solutions. You may want to make compromises together. But you cannot make anything work out unless both if you are honest enough to admit to your shortcomings. Hence you should both be bold enough to come out in the open and, with no holding back, own up to whatever mistakes you had done that caused trouble in your relationship.

And yet it is not as easy as it appears to be. Pride is the number one factor that leads to failed solutions to a troubled relationship. In this case, you may need counseling from a competent marriage expert. This is especially important when the root of your problem involves infidelity. If there was infidelity from any of you, rebuilding your relationship may take a while and may not be an easy task. In any case, both your willingness and cooperation matter a lot.


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