How To Recognize Signs of a Cheating Spouse

You have been married for ages. Everything seems to be going great until one day, alarm bells start ringing inside of you. Your instincts tell you that all is not well. You ask yourself: IS MY SPOUSE CHEATING?!

Whether you are buying a car, hiring a new secretary or figuring out whether your partner is unfaithful, your gut is your guide. The signs are bigger than a billboard but signs are not proof that your partner is an unfaithful wife or husband. One thing’s for sure, unfaithful spouses all show telltale signs of their betrayal. Pay attention to these signs on how to catch a cheater:

1.    Work habits

  • Always works late even on weekends
  • Increase in out-of-town trips
  • Asks you not to drop by workplace unannounced

2.    Appearance

  • Buys new clothes especially new underwear
  • Overly concerned about appearance, weight or thinning hair
  • Dresses and puts on scent even if only going out with friends
  • Goes to the gym more often

3.    Intimacy

  • Reluctant to show you affection or accept your affection
  • Makes excuses not to have sex

4.    Phone behavior

  • Hides the cell phone or gets angry when you take a look at it
  • Puts down the phone suddenly when he sees you
  • Hides the cell phone bill when as spouses you share the bill
  • Phone bill has unexplained charges
  • Mysterious phone calls. When you answer the phone, someone at the other end hangs up. When you ask who called, your spouse may say “Wrong number” or “No one important”

5.    Computer behavior

  • Spends an unusual amount of time in chat rooms or porn sites especially at night
  • Suddenly switches to a different webpage when you enter the room
  • Sets up a new email account or changes the password without telling you when this used to be shared information

6.    Finances

  • Unexplainable credit card charges for flowers, jewelry, dinners, clothes, and others items that you never received or were never a part of

7.    Some statements that may be part of the warning signs

  • I am not in love with you anymore
  • I need more space to figure out our relationship
  • I need more privacy
  • We are just friends

8.    Behaviors that just don’t add up

  • Stops wearing your wedding ring
  • Arrives home smelling of someone else’s perfume/cologne
  • Goes straight to the shower upon arriving
  • Cosmetics stain on his clothes
  • Has a lot of unaccounted time
  • Clothing and other items that are not yours or your family’s are found in the car
  • Unexplained behavior like talking to you or your children in a disrespectful or abusive manner; finding fault in anything you do; picking a fight; OR is suddenly nice to you when you spouse usually is not this way
  • Shows less interest in being part of family activities
  • Suddenly enjoys flirting with the opposite sex

“Is my husband or my wife cheating?!”  You can ask for relationship advice or love advice from your friends or family. However, the best advice will probably come from within you. Listen to your instincts! Your intuition coupled with recognizing the signs of cheating can help you catch your spouse.

A word of caution though—tread lightly and be respectful when raising the issue with your spouse. Make sure you have solid evidence before confronting your ‘cheating’ spouse.


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