How To Recover from a Toxic Relationship

When you are in a beautiful relationship with anyone, the world seems to be all rosy and pink. Stars are in your eyes, so to speak. However all things don’t last forever. Time will come when the spouse you exchanged “I do’s” with suddenly becomes a stranger to you. Today your neighbor is your best friend, tomorrow he or she is your worst enemy. And from there, the relationship becomes toxic.

Obviously, toxic relationships are not good for us. They cause physical, emotional and psychological ailments. Therefore if you are in one, better decide whether you should get out of it or stay and still try to work it out. This decision is not easy because more often than not, you are caught with sentimental reasons. It’s not easy to break a 30-year marriage! Neither is it simple to forget the wonderful times you shared with a best buddy from childhood to adulthood. But since it’s not working anymore, and that what was once sweet already turned sour, you better get out of the toxic relationship before it can literally kill you.

Once you have decided that you are out, it is time to rebuild yourself and plan your life from this day onward.

If the toxic relationship you just got out of prevented you from doing certain things that you believed would improve you as a person, then it’s time you give these things the shot. Did your girlfriend disapprove of your playing golf? So now, hit the ball! Did your childhood buddy affect your decision about a promising job? Don’t let it pass now! Did your boysfriend disapprove of your spending time with your girlfriends? Did your mother dictate on your choice of lifetime partner? Well, what are you waiting for – call your significant other!

Always remember that a toxic relationship might have hampered your growth as an individual. For this reason, make sure to focus on your personal goals and plans. Life offers a second chance to those who seek it. But don’t dilly-dally. For all you know, this might be your last chance to do the things you have always wanted to do but you were obstructed by your toxic relationship with someone.

It is a common practice for people to take a look at their physical appearance after ending a relationship. They want change to manifest in them through a haircut perhaps, or a change in wardrobe. If you think this will make you feel better and help you forget your bitter experience then do so. A visit to a salon or a spa can be therapeutic too. Shopping for new clothes can also help boost your self-worth.

Some people though may want to take the spiritual step first. This can be done by consulting your priest, minister or pastor. Share with them what you have gone through. Express your hurt and ask for advice.

Breaking away from a toxic relationship is painful, but recovering from it is another story. In this case, be very careful with every step you make for a new, better and happier YOU.


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