How To Reduce Your Wedding Cake Price

The price of your wedding cake can be expensive, but here are some simple ways you can save money to lower your wedding cake price and keep the quality.

1.     Baking
  • Bake your wedding cake yourself
  • If you know a baker or pastry chef, ask if he can bake a cake for you.
  • Find people who bake from their homes or culinary students who bake wedding cakes.
  • Ask a baker to help you estimate the size of the cake you need for the number of guests you will have.

2.     Decorating
Decorating your wedding cake is the biggest expense, whether you use a fake or real cake.

  • Keep your cake design and decoration simple. A complicated design is more expensive.
  • Bake and decorate a homemade wedding cake to make it personal.
  • Search for a bakery that offers decorate only services.
  • Buy pre-decorated cakes that are cheaper than custom-made designs.
  • Order a plain wedding cake and use fresh petals, fresh flowers, sugar flowers, beads, ribbons, and marzipan to decorate it. Candies and sugared fruits can also be used as decorations.
  • Ask a florist to decorate a cake with real flowers, edible organic flowers or even silk flowers.
  • Borrow or ask a gift from a family member or friend, the wedding-cake accessories, cake stand, cake knife, and cake topper.
  • Rent or borrow disposable pillars from a local baker, rather than use crystal pillars.
  • Find out if it is cheaper to serve your guests, kitchen cakes and rent a dummy cake for the ceremony.

3.     Additional Charges

  • Find out if your venue will charge a cutting fee or cake service, if you bring in cakes from outside. If the price is comparable to a tiered cake, you may opt for a cupcake tower, where no cutting is needed.
  • Consider as cost, what your baker or pastry chef charges for delivery and set up.
  • Ask the help of a family member or friend to do the set up for to save on this expense.

4.   Ordering

  • Before ordering, ask about the following:
o    Delivery fee
o    Rental of cake stands
o    Set up fee
o    Charges for extra fillings and if fillings are inclusive in the price quote
o    If you have lesser number of guests compared to what you booked, can the cake size be changed?
o    Options to pay your order
o    Discount for paying in cash
o    If the quoted cake price is locked in for a specific amount of servings or can still increase.
  • Tell your baker your budget and let him or her create sketches that you can choose from.
  • Confirm the portion size your baker uses. Cakes are portioned in fruitcake, party, or wedding slices. The cost of a cake depends on the style more than the flavors; so expect to pay the cost per cake slice.
  • Compare the cost of a tiered cake to ordering a cupcake tower. Regular cupcakes in regular, mini, muffin, or Texas sizes can be arranged to look like a tiered cake.
  • Consider ordering a small, tiered cake for display and getting a kitchen cake to serve to your guests.
  • Taste and compare the quality of several types of wedding cakes before ordering.
  • Order your wedding cake early to try to lock in the cake cost before the prices of ingredients increase.

Try to bargain for little extras by paying your suppliers on time and by working well with your baker or support staff. 


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