How To Rekindle the Flame

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Relationships ebb and flow like the tide. You will have both good and bad times in any relationship. When it seems your relationship is experiencing a slow down, it might be time to make some changes. Follow these steps to light the spark and rekindle the flame of your romance.

  1. Reminisce together. You might just need a reminder to get back the spark in your relationship. Consider pulling out those old photos and memories from when you first fell in love. Remember what attracted you to each other. Then remember all the spontaneous fun you used to have that has been missing recently. Once you remember the rush of that first spark of love, move on to the next steps to reignite it again.
  2. Have a special date night. If your Friday nights involve movies with the kids, working late at the office or just crashing in front of the television, you need to reenergize your romance. Plan a special date. For the fussy romantic you can try recreating your first date or your most important date from the past. The adventurous couple will seek a new date experience that will thrill the relationship back to life.
  3. Get away to relax. Consider getting out of town to get out of your rut and rekindle the flame. Travel to a small bed-and-breakfast outside of town for a cozy, romantic weekend. Or have an adventure with a backpacking trip to Europe or a short safari in Africa. The options for getaways are endless. Choose a trip to stimulate both of your interests and then spend a few months saving and planning for the trip to extend the anticipation and fun of your getaway.
  4. Slow down to break routine. Is your flame dying because you are stuck in a sexual routine? Have you started feeling like you are just going through the motions romantically? If this is your case you might consider slowing down. Start spending time with more foreplay the way you did when you first got together. Rekindling a sexual romance does not require that you put on the leather and lace or head to a swingers club. Consider slowing down and starting back at the beginning to find the passion you once had.
  5. Find a new passion together. Beyond the sexual, you need to find passions that you can share. Choose something you both can enjoy to get you out of the house together and spending quality time. Getting to know your partner again over a cooking class or dance class may spark flames faster than you expect.

Your relationship doesn't have to die just because the flame weakens. Instead you can rekindle that spare and fire by taking the time to get to know each other and reinvent your relationship.


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