How To Romantically Kiss a Spouse

Passion is an essential ingredient in a marriage. It keeps you together and keeps the love alive. When passion dies down, your married life can be very boring and you may end up just going through the routine of being a married couple. Kissing can just be mandatory or out of habit. Giving your spouse a romantic kiss is very different from kissing your spouse on the cheek when you say goodnight or when you leave for work in the morning. Getting in the romantic mood is more fun if it is unexpected and almost unplanned. You do not need to set up a grand stage to give your spouse a romantic kiss but the timing should be right, otherwise the mood will be lost and you will end up being surly and out of sorts when the romance you have been looking forward to has to be cut short. Following are some tips on how to romantically kiss your spouse.

  1. Think of the times before when you were still dating and the situations and the times that you have exchanged romantic kisses. You can draw inspiration from those moments that you both enjoyed and try to recreate the most romantic one or pick up ideas from each one and create a new romantic setting.
  2. Choose the right time and place. Make sure that you spouse is relaxed and is receptive to the romantic mood that you are trying to build. It may be while the two of you are seated together in the living room couch after dinner and enjoying each other’s company.
  3. Turn off the bright lights and switch on the more romantic desk lamps. You may also place colored fabric over the lamp shades earlier or spray some exotic essential oil to the light bulbs. The bulb will give out a wonderful aroma to create the romantic mood once it has heated the essential oil. Make sure that you use a scent that your spouse particularly likes.
  4. Sit as close as you can get to your spouse and turn to him slowly. Place one of your hands on the back of his neck. It will be better if you can slowly run your palm over his chest, then along the side of his neck before you actually cup his nape. Use this hand to pull his face towards you.
  5. When his face is close enough, slide your other arm past his side and up his shoulder blades and give him a squeeze.
  6. Place your lips against your spouse’s lips in a teasing passion, never staying in one place. You can give him short kisses on different parts of his mouth, in the middle and on the corners. Give him some nips on his lower lips while not letting your spouse latch on to your own lips. This will create more wanting, more heat and more passion.
  7. When you have teased him enough and he is actually pulling you closer to him, press your lips on his and open them wider to allow him to explore your lips and your mouth.
  8. Trace your tongue over the contour of your husband’s lips, over his lips and when he opens his mouth, run your tongue over the edge of his teeth, upper and lower.
  9. As soon as you feel your husband wants more, give his a wonderful French kiss, rolling your tongue around his, withdrawing your tongue and nibbling on his lower lips and giving it some mild sucking.

Make sure that you keep your eyes closed as you romantically kiss your spouse. There is no better romance-killer than seeing your mate with his eyes wide open while you are giving him a romantic kiss.


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