How To Satisfy a Long Distance Lover

A long distance relationship is difficult to keep—but it is possible. As long as you remain faithful and trust each other, you can make your relationship work even if you’re continents away.

But aside from trust and faith, you also need to make every possible way to satisfy your lover. You should make a commitment to make your lover happy, or if not your relationship will be doomed. For long distance lovers, below are some tips to help satisfy your partner:

  • Send her a body pillow if she loves to snuggle. Wherever you are in the world and wherever your lover is, it is very possible to send her a body pillow. You don’t want her to cuddle another lover, don’t you? So why not satisfy her desire to snuggle—send her a pillow.
  • Be willing to sacrifice. Can you travel for eight straight hours and suffer jet log just to be with your lover? Can you file a leave in your important job just to be with your lover? If yes, then you are willing to sacrifice and you can satisfy your sweetheart. Besides, if your lover is doing it for you, you should also reciprocate it sometimes.
  • Make her feel you won’t cheat her, even if it means invading your privacy. If you’re really that close, you surely can give up your privacy just to make your lover feel that you are not cheating. Send her your location and let her check on you through GPS or Google maps. Tell her she can always track your mobile number just to make sure you are not doing anything messy. Giving assurance to your long distance lover will prevent any jealousy, which will only make your relationship at stake.
  • Communicate well with your lover. Try to be Shakespeare this time and express everything that you feel through words. You don’t have to be an in-born poet to do this. Practice makes perfect and the more you write what you really feel, the more you’ll be good at it. Reading romantic novels or letters will help you a lot with this.
  • Dream with your lover. You should share the same dream—that is being together in the future. If you don’t dream, your partner might think your relationship is just that—a long distance relationship.
  • Inspire your lover. Help your lover be inspired of your relationship. Instead of focusing on the negative side, focus on the positive side of your situation. Keep telling her that you are doing what you do for your future. This should inspire your partner to think the same.
  • Send gifts. Everyone wants to receive gifts. That makes people feel special. You will satisfy your lover if you make her feel special. Why don’t you send a cake or something he likes to eat? He’ll be surprised and will be touched with that. Even a handmade something is a good way to make your lover feel very special.

The willingness of both parties to keep the relationship despite the distance is very critical for your survival. Your lover may not be that willing to keep the relationship but by following the above tips, you can at least increase your relationship’s chance of survival.


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