How To Save a Christian Marriage

When husband and wife are both Christians and actively serving their church, they may find it more challenging to maintain their bond. The reason for this is that there are more expectations from a Christian marriage because people tend to regard the marriage as perfect, whole and almost sinless. In other words a couple in a Christian marriage is more prone to the scrutinizing eyes of others and that a slight fault or sin committed by any of them will be magnified since people look upon their relationship as ideal in which nothing could go wrong.

Yet like other marriages Christian marriage is vulnerable to falling apart. The husband and wife are no different from ordinary human beings. They are also sinners like anyone and are potentially at risk of committing mistakes.

To save a Christian marriage, the following approaches are suggested:

Never fail to go to church together. Doing a religious obligation at the same time further solidifies your relationship and strengthens your spiritual bond. Listening to the sermon and verse readings with your spouse by your side empowers your consciousness with an "inner voice" saying: behold your husband/wife.

Set a quiet prayer time as a couple. Though you may regularly attend prayer meetings and you are members of prayer groups, make it a point to assign a particular time each day as prayer time for just the two of you.

Constantly remind yourself of God's decree.  Be always aware of the commandment not to commit adultery and not to covet your neighbor's wife.

Stay away from temptation or situations, which can lead to infidelity. For instance, the husband should avoid being alone with a female coworker after office hours. The wife should do the same thing. Or politely turn down invitations from friends to go to nightspots without your spouse with you. Exercise caution all the time in dealing with the opposite sex to steer clear of incidents that may lead you to sin.

Stay in love and lust for each other. Being a Christian couple does not mean you have to curtail your sensual relationship. Marriage means union of your bodies, hearts, minds and spirits. There is nothing wrong with going romantic or sensuous for each other in the confines of your bedroom.

If you have issues, bring them out instantaneously. Don't wait for your pastor or prayer group leader to mediate because by that time it may be too late already. But before confronting each other, silently pray for guidance from God and ask Him to touch both your hearts so that you will be as open, calm and honest as possible in talking about your differences.

If your church offers lectures and other activities for couples, do join. It will enlighten you as well as allow you to do things together as husband and wife.

Offer your marriage to God.  Just allow Him to be in your midst every moment of your life together.

In a Christian marriage, God is the center of the relationship. Hence if the husband and wife make God as the focal point in their marriage, their ties will remain firm, steady and will last a lifetime.


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