How To Save a Loveless Marriage

Love is the foundation of marriage. That’s the reason why most couples get married—they love each other. But after some years, that love turned to hatred and apathy. Now, you are in a loveless marriage. You can’t even remember when was the last time you were happy with your spouse. You were always quarreling, maybe not the usual shouting fight but maybe the silent emotional fight. Can your relationship be saved? Yes, it can.

The obvious proof that you are reading this article means that you are finding a way to save your loveless marriage. It’s enough that one is willing to initiate saving the relationship. By following the tips below, you might be able to inspire your spouse and finally, save your relationship. Perhaps, you might be in a happy ever after marriage, too.

  • Commit. Both of you should commit to work on your relationship and try to save it. Committing here means that you will do all possible ways to save a loveless marriage. Sticking together is not enough, though, and that’s not what you should commit for. You should commit to achieve the same goal. This is not just saving a loveless marriage but also to make your marriage happy and enjoyable as it was before.
  • Don’t make some rash statements when arguing with your spouse. If you can’t help it, just don’t talk. Less talk, less mistake here. No matter how angry you are at that moment, remember to keep your sanity. Do not say any negative statements like, “I don’t love you anymore!” or “I’m so tired hoping for this relationship to live!” Saying “sorry” will not easily and totally erase the caused pain. How can you expect your spouse to still hope for the relationship if you’ll say you’re not hoping anymore? So think for a while and figure out what you will to say.
  • Appreciate and value your spouse. Have you ever felt being ignored and devalued by someone you expect to treat you so precious? Imagine how your spouse will feel if you ignore her? Doing little things that will show appreciation will be helpful in saving a loveless marriage. Saying “thank you” or giving your spouse a simple gift will make her feel treated special.
  • Remember happy memories together. Why did you marry your spouse in the first place? Maybe you were happy with him doing all those adventures and fun things together. Remember how you met, how you dated, how you spent times together, and how you made each other laugh. Read old love notes or gifts. All these will remind you of the happy memories you had together and hopefully would bring spark to your relationship again.
  • Communicate better. Speak gently to your spouse—do not shout at him. The tendency of shouting is that the other person will shout back. If you are speaking gently, their tendency is to tone down as well. Speaking gently is a good start for better communication.

If the battle is too much between you and your spouse, better get a mediator. A professional marriage counselor might enlighten you. Sometimes, some people just need to be shaken to realize something.

As long as you stay committed on one goal, there is always the high possibility to save your loveless marriage. Don’t give up because almost all couples undergo the same pain in marriage. But after that, you’ll surely live happily ever after.


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