How To Save Money on Your Wedding Cake

Aside from the food, decorations, and bridal gown, another thing most couples are very particular of would be the wedding cake. It’s one of those things that people are likely to remember when attending the wedding. On that note, it is important to think about a couple of things before you select the perfect cake to memorialize such a once in a lifetime event. Time, money, design, flavor are just some of the things to consider to name just a few. Among all these, money would have a bigger chunk of the factors to consider. Below are some tips to help you select your perfect wedding cake and still be able to save on the side.

Nothing beats planning ahead as with any event. Things you may want to consider would be the design, dimension, flavors and toppers. For those who have special dietary requirements or for relatives who have special dietary requirements, remember to put it down on your list as well. Try to settle all the details that you want on the cake before making that trip to the cake shop. You should be clear on what you want for the cake as there are a lot of designs that they offer and it could overwhelm you. You wouldn’t like to go totally over the budget. Remember, what we’re trying to do is to get the one that suits you best and your wallets.

Try to check who among your relatives and friends are gifted in baking and tap into their talent. Not only will you be able to save but you will also be able to help them out earn some money and perhaps some referrals too. This is one sure way to save on your wedding cake. Who knows you might even get it for free as their wedding gift to you! If none of your friends or relatives is able to do it, ask for referrals. Check the net for cake shops near you.

Of course we all want a grand cake, nonetheless, take note that it doesn’t have to have 7 layers to make it memorable! Only the 2 top most layers should be the cake. The rest, you can have your baker create elegantly designed cupcakes that of course blends with your cake’s theme to make it still look like part of the cake. Create a wooden multi layered base where you will place the cupcakes. The top most part should contain the cake itself. To make your cake the center of attention, decrease the size of the base as it goes up. Your cake will look big and your guests will get to enjoy the cupcakes as part of dessert.

Finally, ask your baker for a discount. If you were referred by a friend or relative who is their valued customer, chances are they will be nice enough to give you a discount. If not, it’s still worth a try.

Good luck in your hunt for the perfect wedding cake!


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