How To Say I Love You

The words “I love you” are three of the most powerful words you can say. This power may freeze the words so you fear saying them aloud. The good news is that once you get the words out to that special someone, they get easier to say over time. If you are ready to say, “I love you,” then follow these steps.

  1. Make your actions speak for you. Even if you say the words, if you skip this step they won’t mean much. Words mean little if the feelings and actions cannot support them. Show your love by making your love a priority in your life, take care of him or her and show you listen by acting on what you hear. Showing love does not mean you have to buy your love expensive gifts or jewelry. Instead, start with putting food on the table, listening when she talks and sharing priorities.
  2. Spend time together. Schedule alone time when you can just be together. Spending time can be as simple as sharing a glass of wine after work on your patio, watching the sunset at the beach or head out for a date night where you can dance together.
  3. Touch each other. Touch says almost as much as words. Gentle touches include holding hands, shoulder massages and just cuddling together under the covers. Greet your girl with a hug and a smile to let her know you feel love.
  4. Send a note. Leaving love notes lets your love know you are thinking about him or her even when you are apart. Place a note in the car, lunchbox or even tucked in the gym bag.
  5. Say the words. For some people, saying the words is the hardest part. If it is your first time, then the words have strong meaning and power. Build up your courage with a glass of wine or just remind yourself why your love means so much to you. Take a deep breath, look into her eyes and speak from your heart.
  6. Repeat yourself. The thing people fear about love is that it will fade. Keep your emotions front and center by expressing yourself and saying “I love you” often. Don’t offer the words as part of your routine, however. Say them when she least expects it or when the mood strikes you.
  7. Personalize your expression. Showing your love is easier when the way you show it reflects the person you love. If your love is fond of flowers, use them to express your feelings. If he loves baseball, take him to a game to celebrate how you feel for him.

Saying “I love you” may be difficult but it there are a hundred different ways you can say it each and every day. Own your emotions and express your love in a way that is personal to both you and the object of your affection.


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