How To Seduce a Man

Woman pulling man in bed

You have a shy boyfriend. You know he wants to do it, bad, but he just can’t get past whatever is holding him back. You even ask him what he wants and he just shyly stands there. It is just too bad, because you know he has an awesome body underneath his clothes and a pent-up sexual frustration that will leave you ever so satisfied. If only there were a way to unleash the animal in him.

Well, there is. Try seducing your man. He may be shy, but he is not a robot. He has urges that need to be satisfied. The following are some tips to seduce a man. Follow these simple steps and he will soon be tearing your clothes off to leave you sexually satisfied.

  1. Be confident. Before you can seduce a man, you have to feel sexy yourself.  Do whatever it takes to get yourself in the right frame of mind. You can take a long hot bath, get a new haircut, buy new clothes or even just think about what you are about to do. Your confidence is important to accomplish the next step successfully.
  2. Pick your clothes. Being seductive doesn’t mean that you have to be totally naked. Leave a little mystery. It is good to show off some skin but not all of it. Show off your best features. If you have nice legs, wear short shorts. If you have amazing breasts, go for a plunging top to show off some cleavage. Wear clothes that show your sexuality without being trashy. Trashy is not sexy or seductive.
  3. Project yourself in a seductive voice.  The key too being seductive is being soft and throaty. Avoid sounding nasal. A high-pitched voice is not seductive. Talk slowly without sounding like you yourself are slow.
  4. Move in a seductive way. When you move seductively, you have good posture while maintaining an air of confidence. Show how strong and confident you are with your actions. Walk like a model. A model is always strong and seductive. Dancing is also a good way to seduce a man. You can learn different ways to dance. You can even do a short strip show while dancing to seduce him.
  5. Flirt with him. After you have gone through the rest of the steps the only resort is to bait him in. He should be ripe for the picking at this point. Flirt with him by maintaining eye contact. Let him know you are interested by touching yourself seductively. Tease him until he just can’t take it anymore.

If he still does not react to these tactics, then you should ask yourself if he really is interested. If he is just too shy, feel free to jump him. But if he really is not interested, your seduction tactics are better served with a better man. Happy hunting!!!


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