How To Seduce a Woman

Anybody can just ask a girl to have sex. You can just straight out say it. If you are lucky, you can bat over five hundred and get a fifty percent chance of getting laid. Go out for a few drinks and chances are you will get a higher success rate. But, aren’t you tired of all of this? Getting laid is good and all but can’t there be more?

Well, there is more. Welcome to the art of seduction. As you seduce a woman, you do not just get her to drop her panties but you get her to give you all of her being. It is the art of getting her to fall in love with you for that specific moment. Seduction is more than just sex; it is a myriad of feelings that encompasses sensuality and sexuality.

This short guide on how to seduce a woman will have you leaving your partner breathless. Follow these simple steps and be on your way to be the Casanova you know you can be.

  1. Start with yourself. A woman does not just get enamored by you but by whom you are and who you can be. It starts with who you think you are. Get a healthy self-image; girls like that. Your self-image is what projects to the outside world. Think about your friends. They probably think you are a cool guy.  That is the image you want to project. Be comfortable around everybody else by thinking that you are the same guy your friends see. As people get to like you, make sure your reputation remains intact. You do not want to seem phony.  Show that you are a real person by showing a little of your bad side.  Women like bad boys as long as it is to a manageable degree.
  2. Be a mystery. Girls like guys that they need to figure out and solve like a puzzle. Do things differently than how other men do them. That will baffle the heck out of her.  If most men lavish her with attention, ignore her a little bit. If people ignore her, then give her all the attention she can get. Try not to reveal too much about yourself. Women like to figure things out. The more she tries to figure you out, the more time she will spend thinking about you. If you can get into a girl's head, then you can get into her pants.
  3. Create competition.  Women are highly competitive. In order for them actually think about being with you, they need to see you with someone else. The idea has to be planted that she could lose you to this other girl. Look for a friend who is a girl that can act as though she wants you. This will make her jealous and protective of you. Become a little bit reassuring, but show her that you know she was jealous.
  4. Communicate. All this mystery and intrigue will only get you so far. Eventually you will have to start talking to these women. This can show just how inept you are in seduction. That is why you will want to practice your lines. As much as possible, limit your words. Women don’t want chatty men. Keeping silent just adds to your mystery. Answer their questions in a straightforward manner. Never talk about yourself. Ask her questions about herself. If she is tired of the subject or a little bit shy, talk about something general like mythology, vacation spots or even sex. If she is starting to show interest in you, proceed to the next step.
  5. Ask her on a date. Be a gentleman but continue to flirt. Show her that you are a man that offers the best of both worlds. If she starts to get frustrated, then it is time to go in for the kill because you are in.

The art of seduction is like a game of cat and mouse. She is your prey and you are the predator. Remember that when you seduce a woman and you succeed, you have a responsibility to her. Keep both of you safe and when things get really hot and heavy, always remember to use a condom.


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