How To Select Groomsmen for Your Wedding

Groomsmen primarily work as a support group for the groom, hence the name. They can do small errands and even big important things for the wedding and for the groom. They can be given responsibilities in preparation for the wedding and for the wedding day itself. There are things that groomsmen can do for you at your wedding. So, be sure in selecting and having them with you.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing your groomsmen.

Choose a number. The first thing you need to decide is how many groomsmen you will need. This number will be your guide. Feel free to adjust according to availability, cost and management. The average number of groomsmen ranges from four to seven.

List the candidates. List your potential groomsmen. This is just a general listing, so list everyone you can think of. Include anyone that you work with, your friends and relatives. You can always trim down the list after going through with the categories below:

  • Likability and importance. It is important that you select those that you like—people you like enough to see on your wedding day, spend some time with and maybe invest in as friends. This is also a great time to show some people how much they mean to you by giving them this important position in your wedding. Traditionally the groomsmen are those who are close and important to the groom. Your groomsmen will feel honored in having you select them.
  • Reliability. Try to gauge the reliability of the people you choose. Since there could be an ample amount of responsibility involved, select those who could help you out and not let you down. Be sure that those that you want to be groomsmen will be at your wedding day itself.
  • Financial Capability. Normally, there is a certain amount of financial expense in being a groomsman. Be sure that whoever you choose has the capability to spend money for clothes or travel and accommodation expenses. If not, you might need to include in your wedding budget the accommodation of your groomsmen needs. It also might not be fair for a friend to spend money on your wedding if they are experiencing financial troubles.

Ask and Schedule. The next thing to do is to ask them outright if they can be your groomsmen. Ask them nicely if they would be honored to be your groomsmen and tell them that it would make you happy if they would say “yes.” Make sure that scheduling is discussed when they agree.

Alternate story
. Do not forget to have alternate groomsmen. There should at least be one or two people that you can rely on to be alternates. It makes sense since a wedding may have glitches or problems. Limit groomsmen trouble by having alternates.


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